And that is all she wrote. My first prediction was better. It wasn't even that close, at 52-48. OK, that's sorta close, but really, this is over. South Carolina in a week will be a double-digit win for Clinton, and she will clinch it on March 1st.

This means I am probably wrong in the other revised prediction, for Trump not winning the SC primary. I admit, that is more of a wish, or a dream, than an actual prediction. But if it's not, who cares.

Clinton vs Trump is not even fair, he's the dream opposition candidate. It will be a landslide victory for Clinton. I still can't believe that the Republicans will give him the nomination. Of course, there is Cruz, who would likewise get destroyed, even worse.

The GOP is gonna be down 4 candidates. Trump, Cruz, Rubio & Kasich. And two of them would be lucky to get 45% in a national general election.