That would be the headline. Trump lost Ohio resoundingly, and continued his luck by winning the states of NC and IL, only because of multiple candidates, and winning MO by just 2,000 votes. Clinton won MO by just over 500 votes, that's close.

Rubio lost Florida, and it wasn't even close. He's out, and it's a three way race. In the next three contests, each are favored. Trump in Arizona, Cruz in the Utah caucus, and Kasich in the Wisconsin primary. This is going to continue, probably to the convention.

Sanders is in Arizona, and will compete there, but the nomination race is over. Clinton now leads by over 300, with 58% of the delegates to date. Sanders though, would be well to stay in, and continue by bashing Trump. It bodes ill if he's bashing Clinton at this point. I don't expect I will be paying much attention, if any at all, to a Clinton vs Trump contest.