The over-under here is a pretty high bar for Clinton in SC. The expectations for Clinton are large. Double-digts and more. 60 -40, she should have a blowout victory here.


Update: 75-25, Clinton leads in delegates by 536 - 83. It's over. Sanders and his supporters would do well to turn their energies onto Trump in the remaining state contests if he is not going to suspend his campaign.


Then onto Tuesday. The big day. I have expected for sometime that Clinton will wrap it up on that day. Clinton is going to win primaries in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia. I imagine too the American Samoa caucus.

Bernie is going to win a primary in Vermont, and should sweep the caucuses in Minnesota and Colorado.

If anything goes other than the above (besides Samoa) it would be a surprise. The only real question mark is the Massachusetts primary. That looks close. Oklahoma, suppossedly, but that would be a surprise. Clinton wins 7 primaries, Sanders wins 1, his home state, and a couple of caucuses. It's over. Time to turn the guns on Trump.