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thesidetrack Eric Cantor's FEMA hypocrisy #bblue
jeromearmstrong Osama bin Laden Killed - Awesome, the war is over! #bblue
jeromearmstrong Our Polarized and Money-Driven Congress: Created Over 25 Years By Republicans (and Quickly Imitated by Democrats #bblue
jeromearmstrong Banks that make stupid bets should pay, not taxpayers. Why only Iceland that has taken this common-sense stance? #bblue
jeromearmstrong The liberal imperialists and the neocons are quite the pair #bblue
jeromearmstrong The deference of Obama to Saudi forces sucks just as much as when Bush did it #bblue
jeromearmstrong Gonzalo Lira: A Handy Guide to the Revolts in the Middle East—And Their Likely Effects On Us #bblue
jeromearmstrong Sexual Sadist Denise Barnes Strips Bradley Manning Naked Over Sarcastic Quip | Firedoglake #bblue
jeromearmstrong Arab uprisings: Obama's response was dithering and pathetic. - By Christopher Hitchens - Slate Magazine #bblue
jeromearmstrong Oregon Progressive Party rallying against JTTF for civil liberties #bblue
desmoinesdem By William Galston at TNR: Colorado Vs. Ohio: Two Possible Reelection Strategies For Obama #bblue
jeromearmstrong Going Out as He Reigned | @TaylorMarsh #bblue 42 years and time to go to hell
jeromearmstrong Irony Alert: Obama Pushes for End to Egypt’s Emergency Law, Extension of US Patriot Act | FDL Action #bblue
jeromearmstrong AOL and HuffPo merger: Search engine optimization won't work forever. #bblue Agreed. Living in goog/bing world.
desmoinesdem How wisely did your state spend stimulus #transportation $$? Answer in @smartgrowthUSA report #bblue
jeromearmstrong Did the Fed Cause Unrest in the Arab World? | The Big Picture #bblue Yes.
thesidetrack Snapshot of a red state: GOP legislators double down, but voters split | The Salt Lake Tribune #bblue
jeromearmstrong Ralph Nader & Ron Paul Interviewed Together! #bblue Good votes I made in '88 and '96; end the D & R corporate agenda.
desmoinesdem How We Got MLK Day and Who Stood in the Way #bblue via @MotherJones #MLKDay
desmoinesdem NH Repubs won't try to repeal marriage equality this yr: "The social issues must take a backseat" #bblue #lgbt
jeromearmstrong The awesome stupidity of the calls to tamp down political speech in the wake of the Giffords shooting #bblue Amen.
desmoinesdem Guest post at Bleeding Heartland by Cedar Rapids native: The Forgotten #Iowa #bblue #floods
desmoinesdem Snowpocalypse: Bloomberg commits political suicide #bblue Deputy NY mayor for operations screws up
jeromearmstrong The Stamp Racket Mandate (Part 1) « Volatility #bblue
desmoinesdem Preparing for WikiLeaks docs, Bank of America buying up abusive domain names #bblue via @Finextra
jeromearmstrong My Exclusive Interview with WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange | MyFDL #bblue
jeromearmstrong Amy Gershkoff: What Advertising Age Got Wrong About the 2010 Elections #bblue "The future is multi-channel" yep.
jeromearmstrong How Wikileaks killed Spain's anti-P2P law #bblue
jeromearmstrong Federal Reserve Blocks New Foreclosure Regulations #bblue A solution to the deficit: End the wars and end the Fed.
jeromearmstrong "TSA and Wikileaks are Master-Slave fights, not Left-Right" #bblue
jeromearmstrong "You only have leverage if you are willing to defect in a high profile fashion." #bblue Or just leave and fight against
jeromearmstrong Rove & Obama administration working together in political prosecution of WikiLeaks' Assange? #bblue What a shock, not.
desmoinesdem Fox News scheduled prez debate w/express goal of promoting Iowa GOP's fundraiser next August. #bblue
thesidetrack How the Supreme Court got Citizens United so wrong #bblue
desmoinesdem Good post by @rortybomb Moderate GOP Stimulus: Re-examining the Who Got What Tax Deal Chart. #bblue
desmoinesdem Gov-elect's rejection of high-speed #rail already costing #Wisconsin jobs #bblue #hsr #transportation
jeromearmstrong Here's a metaphor for the ages | "This was to be the first run with Tim Geither's signature." #bblue
jeromearmstrong An American Future | Ian Welsh #bblue
jeromearmstrong Orwellian Centrism #bblue Krugman is right about this rabbit hole.
jeromearmstrong Ralph Nader: Obama Will Face Primary Challenge In 2012 #bblue "Leah Watts Commented 21 minutes ago: "Racist."
jeromearmstrong Ralph Nader Predicts Obama Will Face Primary "He's a con man. I have no use for him" #bblue
jeromearmstrong A whole field of ponies. #bblue Was at Dreamforce last week and quite surprised at Heroku acq by SF
jeromearmstrong Updated: Two black Democrats bolt party for GOP | Andre Walker #bblue
jeromearmstrong Gov. Gary Johnson would vote for DREAM ACT | Washington Examiner #bblue
jeromearmstrong Ron Paul Vigorously Defends WikiLeaks | "Lying is not Patriotic" Video #bblue
jeromearmstrong Why Assange and Wikileaks have won this round | Ian Welsh #bblue
thesidetrack Tax cuts bill more expensive than economic stimulus, according to Congressional Budget Office | The Washington I #bblue
thesidetrack PCCC running "Fight, don't cave" ad in Iowa pushing Obama on tax cuts #bblue
jeromearmstrong Sunlight Foundation's PAC Generator #bblue
desmoinesdem Minn Star Tribune posted images of some ballots frivolously challenged by team Emmer in #MNGov #bblue
jeromearmstrong Fed Audit data should shame all CW Democrats out there declaring TARP a success... totally missing the point #bblue
jeromearmstrong Zach Carter: The Fed accepted $1.31 trillion junk-rated collateral via PDCF. TARP was nothing compared to this. #bblue
jeromearmstrong Matt Stoller: End This Fed « naked capitalism #bblue
thesidetrack FCC about to toss Net Neutrality under the profit margin bus #bblue
desmoinesdem Myth Exposed: Loss of Dem Governorships Not Key to Obama's 2012 Battleground State Prospects #bblue via @smartpolitics
desmoinesdem Liveblog by Kay Henderson of #Huckabee, Vander Plaats speeches for #Iowa Family Policy Center: #bblue
desmoinesdem New anti-"Obamacare" House Rep doesn't want to wait til Feb for his govt health care #bblue
jeromearmstrong ...let’s reach for that low-hanging, bipartisan fruit. Let’s abolish the TSA. #bblue
jeromearmstrong Obama=Bush? - The Boston Globe #bblue
jeromearmstrong Forget left and right. The real divide is technocrats versus populists. | Analysis & Opinion | #bblue
desmoinesdem Senate wants to cut LIHEAP funds in FY2011. Hard to think of more stupid/cruel way to save $$. #bblue
desmoinesdem "The Rise of Robopolling in California in 2010 & Its Implications" by Mark DiCamillo #bblue
desmoinesdem .@Mystery Pollster on why internal campaign polls can be more accurate than public polls #bblue
desmoinesdem Heavy turnover cd affect #food policy; 15 Dems on House Ag Committee lost. #bblue via @LocavoreBlog
jeromearmstrong Back to Basics: Districts and Defeated Democrats #bblue nice graph
jeromearmstrong Ron Paul Is About to Totally Revolutionize the House Monetary Policy Panel #bblue Time to stop giving money to banks
jeromearmstrong Election Results Fueled by Jobs Crisis and Voter Apathy Among Progressives #bblue
jeromearmstrong 'Are Any Parts of Your Body Sore?' Asks the Man From TSA - #bblue rofl, this has the makings of a movement
jeromearmstrong The Generic Congressional Vote is actually widening in the closing days @ 7.8% now = +60 seats for GOP #bblue
jeromearmstrong We Politics --- Point-and-Click Politics - #bblue
jeromearmstrong How Big a Wave? Ask Cook and Rothenberg - By Henry Olsen - The Corner #bblue
jeromearmstrong Shock poll: Nearly half of Dems want a different nominee in 2012 | Raw Story #bblue
jeromearmstrong Baird on insurance corps raising rates prior to election #bblue
jeromearmstrong Patrick H. Caddell and Douglas E. Schoen - Our divisive president, redux #bblue
jeromearmstrong 99% there #bblue my own ending of hyper-partisanship.
jeromearmstrong How Permanent Are America’s Afghan Bases? by Tom Engelhardt -- #bblue
jeromearmstrong Robin Carnahan pic, on her knee to the voters. Look at the skepticism. #bblue #MoSen
jeromearmstrong France to remove Afghanistan troops in 2011 #bblue USA must end the occupation.
jeromearmstrong @markos "23 of the 54 Blue Dog members" will be gone #bblue
jeromearmstrong @janehamsher really good. Obama vs. Reality on Jon Stewart | FDL Action #bblue
jeromearmstrong SIGTARP Calls Out Tim Geithner On Various Violations Including Data Manipulation, Lack Of Transparency, "Cruel" #bblue
jeromearmstrong Michael Moore: Juan Williams Is Right: Political Correctness About Terrorists Must End! #bblue
jeromearmstrong Poll: Independents siding with GOP - #bblue This hasn't changed in over a year.
jeromearmstrong Poll: Jerry Brown has double-digit lead over Meg Whitman - #bblue
jeromearmstrong Interview - 'swing voter' Moe Tucker of Velvet Underground on Tea Party & intolerant Obama loyalist liberals #bblue
desmoinesdem Bleeding Heartland: Making the wrong case against Grassley (PCCC & DFA shd do better) #bblue #IASen
jeromearmstrong edifice of prohibition crumbling in CA, and one of the largest informal economies in America is going mainstream #bblue
jeromearmstrong RT @SimonWDC A Skeptic's View of the GOP Wave Theory #bblue
jeromearmstrong NPR CEO: Williams' Views Should Stay Between Himself And 'His Psychiatrist' #bblue And then she apologizes!
jeromearmstrong I'll predict that Vivian Schiller's head winds up on a pike for firing during NPR fundraising week #bblue
desmoinesdem Kurt Michael Friese: The Most Important Race You Never Heard Of #bblue #Iowa #Ag @FrancisThicke
desmoinesdem Alan Abramowitz: Gallup's Implausible Likely Voter Results #bblue
jeromearmstrong Why Are Republican-Hating Voters Voting Republican? #bblue "Action bias" voters is the '10 swingvoter
jeromearmstrong House landscape: An ever-expanding and uncertain field at Campaign Diaries #bblue
jeromearmstrong Progressive Canaries in a Political Mine | @normansolomon #bblue
jeromearmstrong Just Say Now Phone Banking: People LOVE Being Called For Prop 19! | #bblue
desmoinesdem Witness: Firm owner gave gifts for "altering documents and forging key documents used to obtain foreclosures" #bblue
jeromearmstrong DSCC: Rand Paul has yet to deny any charge regarding his membership in an anti-Christian society #bblue #jesus #wtf!
jeromearmstrong Weigel : Joe Miller Has A Posse #bblue Alaska's 3-way is impossible. Go Sitka!
jeromearmstrong Alaska is gonna down to the wire in the 3-way Senate race #bblue
desmoinesdem DLCC announces 15 more "essential races" based on grassroots nominations Includes IA SD 45 Dem Becky Schmitz #bblue
desmoinesdem Part 1 of Rortybomb 4-part series on foreclosure fraud wave: The Chains & the Stakes #bblue via @CHR1SHartman
jeromearmstrong Hardly any TARP funds were used for the purpose that it was created, which was to buy mortgage-related assets. #bblue
jeromearmstrong memeorandum @ 12:05 PM ET, October 9, 2010 #bblue Look, Look, a shiny object!!!!
jeromearmstrong Biggest Local Cuts in 30 Years #bblue Welcome to the era of austerity
jeromearmstrong Objectively worse off under Obama -- Deportations way up last two years #bblue
jeromearmstrong WSJ: Pot is Saving Brown and Boxer | Just Say Now #bblue
desmoinesdem From Think Progress" Foreign-Funded ‘U.S.’ Chamber Of Commerce Running Partisan Attack Ads #bblue
jeromearmstrong GOP Well Positioned Among Likely Midterm Voters, LV slaughter #bblue #holyshit
jeromearmstrong Rahm Emanuel: Experts say not a legal resident of Chicago, cannot run for mayor #bblue haha, a dead fish arrives
desmoinesdem 24/7 Wall St ranks Best & Worst Run States #bblue 10 best: WY, ND, IA, VT, MN, UT, VA, NH, MD, HI.
jeromearmstrong Emanuel's 'Glad to be home' video filmed in Washington - #bblue
jeromearmstrong "Robert Gibbs next DNC chair? Oh, right, we’re in the post-qualifications, post-experience era in politics" #bblue
jeromearmstrong Prairie Weather: Chapter and verse #bblue
desmoinesdem EPA greenhouse regs will apply to Hyperion oil refinery in SD #bblue #green #climate #envir #energy
jeromearmstrong A Battle of Ideologies, Not Cults of Personality | FDL Action #bblue
jeromearmstrong Blogfather in Iran sentenced to 19.5 years for Dissent | Informed Comment #bblue
jeromearmstrong Progressives Rally To Raise Cash For Russ Feingold's Campaign | Crooks and Liars #bblue
jeromearmstrong Just Say Now Launches Online Phone Banking for Marijuana Reform | FDL Action #bblue
jeromearmstrong How About This For A Surprise: The War In Afghanistan Is Falling Apart | The Moderate Voice #bblue
jeromearmstrong DSCC Cancels Ad Buy In Kentucky #bblue DS should head into AK imo
jeromearmstrong Romney's lead in the polls looks a lot like Lieberman around late '02 #bblue
jeromearmstrong Obama's base fractures, as big D donors "take their ball and go home" | Corrente #bblue
jeromearmstrong Taxpayers Against Earmarks | #bblue
jeromearmstrong McD's May Drop Health Plan #bblue These are the workers who are going to be mandated.
desmoinesdem Via @governing, state legislature forecasts #bblue I agree w/Iowa House as tossup, but Iowa Senate shd be likely D.
jeromearmstrong Lets start recognizing that is an establishment gatekeeper #bblue
jeromearmstrong Why is There No Political Outlet for Anger on the Left These Days? « naked capitalism #bblue
jeromearmstrong Florida’s Kangaroo Foreclosure Courts: Judges Denying Due Process on Behalf of Banks « naked capitalism #bblue
jeromearmstrong The Left Right Paradigm is Over: Its You vs. Corporations | The Big Picture #bblue
jeromearmstrong #bblue People like Chait and Yglesias who have little or no experience in electoral politics might have an excuse..."
desmoinesdem 2 IA districts made DLCC (@demlegislators) list of 20 "essential" state legis races for 2010 #bblue
jeromearmstrong Palin in '12? No way. Under 8% to Obama in this climate. #bblue Palin & Gingrich both with net negative favorables
jeromearmstrong Congressional D's pull ahead of Obama on economic questions against GOP #bblue Obama re-elect now at 38%
jeromearmstrong "Why I think you’ll see Charlie Crist back within 6% of Marco Rubio by the end of September" | Peter Schorsch #bblue
jeromearmstrong Rubio 40, Crist, 28, Meek 23 #bblue Meek might get to 2nd in Oct, then to within 10% in Nov, then 5% in Dec... oh NM
jeromearmstrong The timing of Jackson behind Blago's "$6M Senate-seat scheme" FBI release? #bblue Think Rahm, Mayor, Chicago.
jeromearmstrong Brown leads Whitman 49-44 in Greenberg poll - Boxer ahead too 51-43 #bblue
jeromearmstrong RT @ggreenwald: Obama can't sink any lower than with his abysmal civil liberties record / executive power abuse #bblue
jeromearmstrong YouTube - WKMG: "Webster Doesn't Want to Talk About" His Extremist Views #bblue
jeromearmstrong YouTube - AD: "Taliban Dan Webster" #bblue
jeromearmstrong CNN Poll: Obama at all time low 42%– #bblue 56% of all Americans say Obama has fallen short of their expectations. Yep
jeromearmstrong RT @SunlightNetwork... there's been a 61% increase in spending this midterm: #bblue
jeromearmstrong For the third national election in a row, independent voters may be poised to vote out the party in power #bblue
jeromearmstrong Sink leads Scott 47-40 in new Mason-Dixon poll #bblue Sink leads among Indys by 44 - 37, Scott to go negative
jeromearmstrong Whom Party unity is for... and what the movement conservatives and progressives have in common. #bblue #lieberman
jeromearmstrong A bitter poll for Murphy to swallow | PA 8th 09/23/2010 #bblue The swing in PA & OH is massive
wvablue Would you vote for a Congressional candidate would called the President by a racial slur? #bblue #WV01
desmoinesdem DMRegister today Harsh on revisionist history in @ChuckGrassley ad #bblue #IASen
desmoinesdem Coburn (R, OK) blocking Senate vote on #food safety bill he didn't object to in committee, @SenatorHarkin says #bblue
desmoinesdem #IA03 @LeonardBoswell outspending @zaunforcongress nearly 10-1 on radio/tv #bblue via @GoldenDomeBlog
desmoinesdem Blue America's new ad on Joe Miller, "craziest catch." So cheap to advertise in AK! #bblue #AKSen
desmoinesdem NH-Sen: PPP finds Ayotte (R) up by 4; Hodes (D) would be up by 5 if not for enthusiasm gap. #bblue
desmoinesdem Robocalls in Iowa raising $$ for PAC of House GOP "watchdog" Darrell Issa #CA49 #bblue
jeromearmstrong Rasmussen #bblue "any poll, any language"
jeromearmstrong Lady Gaga, Harry Reid Tweet Over Don't Ask Don't Tell #bblue Smart online politics at work.
desmoinesdem DE-Sen: PPP sees chance for O'Donnell against Castle in GOP primary (good news for Dem Coons) #bblue
jeromearmstrong Americans OK Allowing Tax Cuts for Wealthy to Expire #bblue If Dems/Obama extend billionaire tax cuts its over
jeromearmstrong Obama '12 strategy talk here with '10 midterms #bblue
desmoinesdem Dave Murphy of @food_democracy: Half a Billion Eggs, DeCoster, Factory Farms & Consolidation: View From Iowa #bblue
jeromearmstrong Bill White is gaining on Rick Perry in governor's race | #bblue
jeromearmstrong OH's Rowland with the ugly ttp:// #bblue After a 20% blowout 4 years ago, Strickland & Fisher both at 37%
jeromearmstrong Paul up by 15 over Conway (disputed) #bblue Interesting poll discussion. V lame anti-drug strategy by Conway
jeromearmstrong Big F'n Disaster (July 7th) #bblue Nothing has changed in the past 2 months, will anything the next 2?
jeromearmstrong U.S. To Tolerate Afghan Corruption In Latest War Strategy #bblue And his Afghan surge/strategy stinks too
jeromearmstrong Iraq Combat Continues: Despite Formal End, U.S. Joins Baghdad Battle #bblue Obama's deadlines ain't worth shit.
desmoinesdem Senatus: Democrats Ready to Move DADT Repeal (hoping post-primary McCain won't delay) #bblue #lgbt
jeromearmstrong Dick Wadhams moves from VA to CO, brings GOP chaos-- we want him back! #bblue
jeromearmstrong Cooked? #bblue CC mentioned CT & WV on bubble as well; 13 Dem Sen seats in play, predicted 8-10 losses
jeromearmstrong Uh-oh, hyperventilating loyalists, Looks like PPP, with LV, finds same thing as Rasmussen -- #bblue
jeromearmstrong The Tea Party and the GOP: Change You Already Believed In :: Dave Weigel #bblue
jeromearmstrong AP refuses to use WH/NBC propaganda terms for Iraq #bblue
jeromearmstrong Wow, what a meltdown: Dept. of stage fright #bblue
jeromearmstrong Hullabaloo "It was all politics from the minute they hit the ground. And they were wrong on both politics and policy" #bblue
desmoinesdem Lost decade: median real income for working-age households was $60,804 in 2000, $58,718 in 2007 (pre-recession). #bblue
desmoinesdem Want to add $4 trillion to U.S. deficits/debt over 10 yrs? Try the Boehner, GOP economic plan #bblue
jeromearmstrong The Health Care Bill Nobody Wants to Talk About #bblue
desmoinesdem DLCC memo on redistricting & legislative chambers being targeted this year: #bblue
jeromearmstrong ""I think the next couple of years, we've got to focus on debt and deficits." That's Obama bunking with DeMint #bblue
jeromearmstrong Tea Party out for fresh blood in Delaware, N.H. primaries #bblue
jeromearmstrong GOP Takes Unprecedented 10-Point Lead on Generic Ballot #bblue Peaking too early?
jeromearmstrong YouTube -What happens when the candidate gets shoved off the stage in Brazil #bblue
desmoinesdem Surviving members of Peter, Paul & Mary ask NOM to stop playing “This Land Is Your Land” at rallies #bblue #lgbt
jeromearmstrong Obama's 'The war is ending' 'mission accomplished' speech is a mere linguistic game of troop naming. #bblue
desmoinesdem DCCC: IRS Should Investigate Americans for Prosperity Foundation (501c3 org operating as political action group) #bblue
desmoinesdem Good work @PPHeartland! Nebraska abortion law unconstitutional, wont be enforced Background #bblue
jeromearmstrong @HotlineReid "GOP won't come close to gaining the 39 seats they need" #bblue #SOS Shiny Object Strategy works?
desmoinesdem Coal ash water contamination much worse than previously estimated: #bblue (covers 39 sites/21 states)
jeromearmstrong @janehamsher post: President Obama, It’s Time to Can the Catfood Commission #bblue
jeromearmstrong Blippy Has Pretty Much The Best 404 Page Ever. What Does It Mean? #bblue #omg
jeromearmstrong Six Drug Czars, and Between Them They Can't Muster a Decent Argument for Marijuana Prohibition #bblue
jeromearmstrong Creative petition | Tell Facebook to Stop Censoring Marijuana #bblue
desmoinesdem St. Petersburg Times on 5 things to watch in #FLGov race btw Repub Rick Scott & Dem Alex Sink #bblue
jeromearmstrong I agree with John Boehner?!?! "Fire Timothy Geithner and Larry Summers" #bblue He's still a snake.
desmoinesdem Reagan Revolution Home To Roost -- In Charts by @dcjohnson at #bblue #economy #deficit
desmoinesdem Bailout #fail: Big Wall Street banks rescued, but not the responsible ShoreBank of Chicago #bblue
jeromearmstrong HA Seattle: Recent polling in the Murray—Rossi race #bblue
jeromearmstrong Iraq: 50K troops remain and doubling of private contractors, Obama plans "promised delivered" speech #bblue Not a joke!
desmoinesdem U.S. Army Troops: Refusing to attend Christian concert got us into trouble #bblue
desmoinesdem Target Corp. feels backlash from shareholders - #bblue #MNGov #LGBT #boycott
jeromearmstrong Iran unveils bomber drone #bblue the cia has its drone war scenario
jeromearmstrong Pentagon Lawyers Eye WikiLeaks Charges #bblue First WikiLeaks, such measures against other media outlets is next
jeromearmstrong BBC News - Swedish rape warrant for Wikileaks' Assange cancelled #bblue Smear, then step away
desmoinesdem How Polling Places Can Affect Your Vote by Tom Jacobs for Miller-McCune Online #bblue
jeromearmstrong Dean: 'Some' Dems demonizing N.Y. mosque opponents - #bblue Am not even an opponent and got some zealots up in arms
jeromearmstrong ROFLOL: Our Muslim Miss USA Thinks 'Ground Zero Mosque' Should Move! #bblue Time for some orthodox liberal jihad!
jeromearmstrong "for those who are happy Obama waded into the Cordoba Controversy" #bblue
jeromearmstrong Target should get a refund, make a equal contribution, or else go forward without my money, like Walmart does #bblue
jeromearmstrong Howard Dean sounds right on the Mosque issue, but quite defensive after the zealotry unleashed on him #bblue
jeromearmstrong Yea, it does get worse: Dem pollster shows Bush 6% more popular than Obama in "Frontline" districts #bblue
jeromearmstrong Howard Dean right on about Islam's being "in the 12th century" in Iran and some other Muslim countries. #bblue
jeromearmstrong Obama the unelectable: 41% approval 52% disapproval. Isn't the mosque defense, but his priorities of conviction. #bblue
desmoinesdem KY-Sen: Kentucky Fraternal Order of Police Endorses Jack Conway #bblue via @HillbillyReport
jeromearmstrong But will the Dems/Reps vote to give the middle-class 100 cents to the dollar like they did AIG? #bblue
jeromearmstrong "The middle class is teetering on the brink of collapse just as surely as AIG was in the fall of 2009.” #bblue
jeromearmstrong Gallup Daily: Obama Job Approval now at 42% The anti-Midas touch of his with Park51 no doubt #bblue
desmoinesdem Could Rod Blagojevich be acquitted? Jeralyn of TalkLeft on weaknesses in prosecution's case: #bblue
desmoinesdem "Voters are united on this key point: Social Security & Medicare are off-limits as a way to reduce the deficit." #bblue
jeromearmstrong Candidate Obama should primary President Obama #bblue
jeromearmstrong Dems shouldn't feel overconfident about beating wacky Republican nominees. - By David Weigel - Slate Magazine #bblue
NathanEmpsall Matt Dunne airs first TV ad in #VTGov - "Future" #bblue
desmoinesdem Been a while since I read a profile as devastating as Esquire's piece on @NewtGingrich. #bblue
jeromearmstrong Heck of away to energize the party three months before a pivotal election. #bblue #cangibbs
desmoinesdem WaPo: 2010 #Census was $1.6 billion under budget #bblue
desmoinesdem Nice tv ad by Blue America & Americans for America. Boehner Whacked For Golf Addiction #bblue
desmoinesdem Got Medieval (blog on "slipshod use of medieval Eur hist in media"): Professor Newt's Distorted History Lesson #bblue
desmoinesdem Republicans waging war against judicial independence in Iowa #bblue #lgbt #IAGov #iagaymarriage #iagop
NathanEmpsall Bill McKibben, "a mild-mannered guy, a Methodist Sunday School teacher" on climate failure: "This is fucked up." #bblue
NathanEmpsall #COGov: 43% Hickenlooper, 25% McInnis, 24% Tancredo (Rasmussen 8/2) #bblue
desmoinesdem If only white females had voted in 2008 pres election, McCain wd win pop vote but Obama wd win electoral college #bblue
NathanEmpsall Why isn't the party listening? | Why blaming Bush is a dead end for Democrats - | #bblue
NathanEmpsall New 60 second positive ad from Dem Bill White in close #TXGov race - "Prepare for the Future" - YouTube - #bblue
NathanEmpsall Think Progress » Boehner Spouts Anti-Intellectualism Screed: ‘I Don’t Need To See GDP Numbers Or Listen To #bblue
NathanEmpsall EPA chief highlights tribal relations | Indian Country Today | Content #bblue
desmoinesdem Dept of Defense can't account for $8.7 bil (96%) of Iraq reconstruction funds #bblue via Boing Boing
NathanEmpsall Fate Of Idaho Wilderness Battle Comes Down To One Man | #bblue
desmoinesdem Reagan's OMB director David Stockman slams Repub push to extend "unaffordable Bush tax cuts" #bblue
desmoinesdem Auto industry rescue worked. Now some Repubs pretend they didn't oppose it: #bblue via @stevebenen
NathanEmpsall Six more Democratic Representatives call for Rangel's resignation | #bblue
NathanEmpsall House passes oil spill response bill but Senate plans uncertain - The Hill's E2-Wire #bblue
NathanEmpsall #FLSen: Quinnipiac: Crist 39, Rubio 33, Meek 13 or Crist 37, Rubio 32, Greene 17 #bblue
NathanEmpsall #WASen: Rasmussen: Dem Murray leads Repub Rossi 49-47 #bblue
NathanEmpsall #PASEn: Rasmussen: GOP Toomey leads Dem Sestak 45-39. #bblue
NathanEmpsall Wow! Think Progress: Is Bill O'Reilly to the left of Obama on DADT #bblue
NathanEmpsall Seven of eight living former STRATCOM commanders come out in support of START | Wonk Room #bblue
NathanEmpsall Third consecutive poll shows Democrat Giannoulias with slim lead over Repub Kirk in #ILSen. Rasmussen, 43-41. #bblue
NathanEmpsall Rasmussen claims Russ Feingold has fallen behind one possible opponent 48-46; leads another 49-39. #bblue #WISen #p2
NathanEmpsall A third consecutive poll, this one from Rasmussen, shows Reid ahead of Angle in #NVSen, 45-43 #bblue
NathanEmpsall New UNH poll shows Repub Ayotte still ahead of @PaulHodes in #NHSen, but by a narrower margin than before, 45-37 #bblue
desmoinesdem NV-Gov: Sandoval (R) says not worried about AZ #immigration law b/c his kids don't look Hispanic #bblue #NVGov
NathanEmpsall #KYSen: Democrat Jack Conway takes the lead against Rand Paul, 48-46, in new Benenson poll #bblue
NathanEmpsall So What If California Has No Coal? Fiorina Cozies To Industry Anyway | #bblue
NathanEmpsall CA-Sen: New PPP polls has Boxer in clear lead over Fiorina | Daily Kos #bblue #p2
NathanEmpsall Jeb Bush Says No to 2012 Run - WSJ #bblue
NathanEmpsall How to end the filibuster with 51 votes | Ezra Klein #bblue #p2
NathanEmpsall Please sign this petition to prosecute Massey Energy for the deaths of its coal miners in April. #bblue #p2 #green #WV
desmoinesdem TN-09: Congressional Black Caucus endorses incumbent Cohen over Herenton in Dem primary #bblue
NathanEmpsall Murky land deals mark Gov. Rick Perry's past | Dallas Morning News #bblue #TXGov
NathanEmpsall Al Franken and Jeff Merkley endorse Elizabeth Warren for Consumer Protection Bureau #bblue #p2
desmoinesdem CO-Gov: Dem Hickenlooper's prospects improve as Tancredo launches third-party bid #bblue
NathanEmpsall NOAA, academic studies confirm huge undersea oil plumes are from BP gusher #bblue
desmoinesdem Paul Dobson, Phoenix Cop Who Opposes Arizona #Immigration Law, Is Now Under Investigation #bblue
NathanEmpsall From overcrowding and dispersants to Jindal's uninformed haste, messy cleanup of BP spill damages the Gulf | AP #bblue
desmoinesdem 4 billionaires gave 97% of $$ raised by Karl Rove's astroturf 527 group American Crossroads #bblue
NathanEmpsall 4 Massey foremen plead guilty to faking safety records before deadly coal mine fire | The Charleston Gazette #bblue #p2
NathanEmpsall EPA slams State Department tar sands pipeline study « Climate Progress #bblue #p2 #green
desmoinesdem House Tea Party Caucus not just for fringe: Pence, Sessions join Bachmann, King, Broun et al (via @MotherJones) #bblue
NathanEmpsall Rand Paul: I don't remember if I said we should abolish the USDA or not | FrumForum #bblue #KYSen
NathanEmpsall The last of the Murrow Boys, NPR commentator Dan Schorr, dies at 93. His insights and wisdom will be missed. #bblue
NathanEmpsall 'Bout time. || Rangel charged with multiple violations by House ethics panel - #bblue
NathanEmpsall #FLGov: New PPP poll shows Democrat Alex Sink taking a commanding lead #bblue
desmoinesdem DCCC buying air time in 17 Dem-held House districts, including #IA03 #bblue (via @hotlinereid)
NathanEmpsall BP buys up Gulf scientists for legal defense, roiling academic community | Mobile Press-Rgister #bblue
NathanEmpsall President Obama signs Wall Street reform into law - #bblue
desmoinesdem WV-Sen: Capito (R) not running Gov. Joe Manchin should easily hold Robert Byrd's Senate seat for Dems. #bblue
NathanEmpsall Lib Dem support in free fall | Left Foot Forward #bblue
NathanEmpsall Long Island town threatens to sue Fannie & Freddie over opposition to clean-energy program | Grist #bblue
NathanEmpsall Union Seminary President Serene Jones to Glenn Beck: We're sending you Bibles! #bblue
NathanEmpsall Nightline: Glenn Beck's sponsor Goldline under investigation for fraud (VIDEO) #bblue
desmoinesdem Media Matters compiled 45 "myths and falsehoods" about Elena Kagan's Supreme Court nomination #bblue
NathanEmpsall Two Year After Spill, EPA Still Debates Whether Coal Ash Is Hazardous #bblue
NathanEmpsall Senator Robert Byrd's replacement Carte Goodwin more conservative on coal than Byrd; blasts climate legislation #bblue
NathanEmpsall Rep. Walt Minnick (D-ID), lone Dem endorsed by Tea Party Express, rejects endorsement over racist comments #bblue
desmoinesdem By @cliffschecter at The Political Carnival: The NRA Protects a Potential Serial Killer #bblue
desmoinesdem Piece by @benpolitico: A conservative dismisses right-wing Black Panther 'fantasies' #bblue
desmoinesdem WaPo: House Dems hit boiling point over perceived lack of White House support #bblue
desmoinesdem 30 yrs ago today, Jimmy Carter laid out 6-pt energy plan in this televised speech #bblue
desmoinesdem CO-Gov: McInnis (R) bid derailed by plagiarism charges More links here: #bblue
desmoinesdem By Robert Reich (who shd be in cabinet): The Root Of Economic Fragility And Political Anger #bblue
desmoinesdem Mitt Romney's dumb critique of Obama's New START nuke treaty. By Fred Kaplan at Slate #bblue
desmoinesdem First Read on advantages & disadvantages for GOP as they try to take back U.S. House #bblue
desmoinesdem Wonk Room's Pat Garofalo on the false Jones Act meme the right-wing noise machine is pushing: #bblue
desmoinesdem CA-45: Mary Bono Mack (R) silences opposition on official Facebook page paid for w/tax dollars #bblue
desmoinesdem honors @markos request to remove Research 2000 polls commissioned by Daily Kos from active charts #bblue
desmoinesdem Speculation at Bleeding Heartland on the 2012 Iowa Republican caucuses #bblue
desmoinesdem Vote Grassley in Wonkette's 2010 Weeping Eagles contest: Help Choose History’s Worst Political Twitterers! #bblue
MikeConnery Siena Poll: 66% of New Yorkers Reject GOP Control of the State Senate #bblue
NathanEmpsall McCaskill says she's two votes shy of ending Senate's secret holds #bblue RT @YatPundit RT @BrkingPolitics
NathanEmpsall Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson: Repealing DADT will enhance, not harm, the separation of church and state #bblue
NathanEmpsall New Fed survey shows the economy is growing in all regions of the country for the first time since 2007. #bblue
NathanEmpsall 1999 BP ad: "We're bringing oil to American shores." No, really: #bblue
NathanEmpsall Time: How Florida's Forgotten Democrat Could Win the Senate Race #bblue #FLSen
desmoinesdem Blue Arkansas is covering outrage in @BillHalter stronghold where not enough polling places will be open: #bblue #ARSen
desmoinesdem Two Iowa polls have similar numbers for #IAGov, #IASen primaries but differ on general election matchups. #bblue
NathanEmpsall PA-SEN: One Democratic polling firm shows Dem Admiral Sestak now leading Tea Partier Toomey 47-40 #bblue
NathanEmpsall Kos shows #KYSen at Rand Paul (R) 44, Jack Conway (D) 41 - not exactly Rasmussen's 59-34 #bblue
NathanEmpsall NJ Gov Christie defends low teacher pay: "Well you know what? Then you don't have to do it." Video: #bblue
NathanEmpsall Mitch McConnell on fellow Kentucky Repub Rand Paul: ""I think he's said quite enough" #bblue #KYSen
desmoinesdem #KYSen RT @MotherJones Meet Rand Paul's New Campaign Manager #bblue
NathanEmpsall Palin-endorsed candidate Vaughn Ward in ID-01 plagiarizes Obama #bblue
NathanEmpsall Pat Toomey by the numbers: more conservative than Santorum and DeMint? #bblue
NathanEmpsall WCAX profiles Matt Dunne, the former AmeriCorps head, Google exec, and state Sen. running in the VT-GOV primary #bblue
NathanEmpsall Airlines Against Democracy #bblue
NathanEmpsall Last minute momentum for Conway continues in KY-SEN with endorsement from Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Enquirer #bblue
NathanEmpsall RT @wonkroom Blanche Lincoln doesn't seem to understand the estate tax #bblue
NathanEmpsall Specter repeatedly refers to county Democrats as “the Allegheny County Republicans." Talk about poor timing. #bblue
NathanEmpsall Rep. Mollohan (D-WV) loses primary. This on the heels of Bennett. Shaping up to be a real anti-Washington wave. #bblue
BobBrigham If Elena Kagen is confirmed, court shifts to right. If GOP rejects, Obama shifts to right. If Dems reject, all issues shift to left. #bblue
NathanEmpsall PA-SEN: After gaining in three straight Muhlenberg polls, Sestak has taken the lead over Specter, 44-42. #bblue
NathanEmpsall DSCC creates a high quality move trailer as a "Demon Sheep" sequel, starring Carly Fiorina. Pretty good, actually: #bblue
NathanEmpsall White House puts PA-SEN primary odds at 50-50 between Adm. Sestak and Swift Boater Specter #bblue
NathanEmpsall FL-Sen: Rubio still supports offshore drilling. #bblue
NathanEmpsall Nate Silver on why the mood in the White House is getting more optimistic #bblue
NathanEmpsall Schwarzenegger withdraws support for off-shore drilling, cancels plans in California #bblue (Link fixed)
NathanEmpsall Schwarzenegger withdraws support for off-shore drilling #bblue
NathanEmpsall FL-Gov: Former Repub Crist tries to call White House; is rebuffed. Sign that he may want to caucus with Dems? #bblue
NathanEmpsall @Sierra_Club, @Earthjustice, and others sue Massey Energy for Clean Water Act and surface mining law violations #bblue
NathanEmpsall NYT coverage of, which educates people about the man-made reasons behind the flooding of New Orleans #bblue
NathanEmpsall Huffington Post on VT-Gov candidate and Google exec Matt Dunne's plans for high speed Internet in Vermont #bblue
ChuckieCorra Good NYT article on the LDP's surge before the UK elections #bblue
NathanEmpsall WA-Sen: New SurveyUSA poll, an obvious outlier. has Rossi (R) leading Murray (D) 52-42 #bblue
NathanEmpsall Even the conservative Wall Street Journal says the new Arizona immigration "law" is unconstitutional. #bblue
NathanEmpsall The Repub Governors Association openly embraces terrorism and all it stands for: #bblue
lpackard First AR-Sen Democratic debate tonight: starts at 7PM central / 8PM eastern. Catch it on CSPAN or online at #bblue
NathanEmpsall VT-GOV: Environmental leader and scholar Bill McKibben endorses Matt Dunne #bblue
NathanEmpsall The Kentucky Professional Firefighters Association endorses Jack Conway in the Democratic primary for KY-SEN #bblue
NathanEmpsall Nick Kristof from Darfur: "Obama and his aides have caved, leaving Sudan gloating at American weakness" #bblue
NathanEmpsall Kentucky's largest newspaper endorses AG Jack Conway in the Senate Democratic primary #bblue #Kentucky #p2
NathanEmpsall Harry Reid's opponent wants you to pay for that MRI with 1,472 chickens instead of with insurance #bblue #LowdenCare
NathanEmpsall Sources say Crist has made up his mind and will bolt the GOP - unless pressure not to increases. Which it will. #bblue
NathanEmpsall Rep. Issa and the GOP think it's "suspicious" that the DNC knows how to use Google properly: #bblue
NathanEmpsall Strongest sign of an indie bid yet: Crist's website no longer mentions the Republican Party. #bblue H/T @marcambinder
NathanEmpsall In a Sun newspaper poll out today, Clegg and the Lib Dems lead the Conservatives and Labour 33-32-26 #bblue
NathanEmpsall Maggie Fox, CEO of the Alliance for Climate Protection, in Politico today: "Optimism for a clean energy future" #bblue
MikeConnery NY Senate Dems (our state DSCC) launched a new website today: #bblue
NathanEmpsall Porn star wont run for LA-Sen. Vitter wont get to meet a law-abiding sex worker & will stick with the illegal kind #bblue
NathanEmpsall It's official: Pataki won't run for NY-Sen. And only those who thought Giuliani would win in '08 are surprised. #bblue
NathanEmpsall Huge victory! Could this be the end of mountaintop removal mining? #bblue
kyleshank Breakthrough Month for U.S. Job Market #bblue
kyleshank Judge: Bush overstepped wiretapping authority #bblue
kyleshank Halter doubles Lincoln's fundraising #bblue
kyleshank Tea party leaders: Abolish Social Security #bblue
ChuckieCorra MyDD :: Direct Democracy for People-Powered Politics #bblue
kyleshank Daily Kos: Sarah Barracuda Returns #bblue
kyleshank Subway Blasts Kill Dozens in Moscow - #bblue


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