He is putting out feelers in case of one scenario. And that is if Sanders wins the Democratic nomination. Even better for Bloomberg, is a Sanders vs Trump contest. That would allow him to run as the establishment, the moderate, and the businessman mayor for the country. And in that scenario, he'd have a good shot at winning.

It's a 3-lane race then with the slots filled; except for the evangelical and conservative movement types. They would not be at all happy with either of those three candidates. But, that could be assuaged by Trump choosing Carson or Cruz for VP (at least among the evangelicals). But I'm getting off the point.

Bloomberg does have an opening, but not with Clinton in the contest, and not with an establishment choice as the Republican nominee, ie Bush, Kasich, or Rubio.

Out of those three, I gotta think that the silent NH last-minute-vote goes to Kasich, as he's cleaned up the endorsments and has camped in the state. His problem is that so has Bush. I think that's going to make the difference, and it goes:

Trump 28
Kasich 22
Bush 14
Rubio 12
Cruz 10
Christie 7
Fiornia 5
Carson 2

On the Democratic side, I Sanders strength is formidable in the state, but will guess the undecideds break heavily for Clinton:

Sanders 54
Clinton 46