Assembly of GOP Cowards

Wow.  After 60 plus hours of debate that seemed to have a few hours to go, the Wisconsin Assembly GOP passed Governor Walker's budget "repair" bill in what is -- more graciously than deserved -- being called a "surprise" vote.  TPM:

[...] at about 1 AM Speaker Pro Tempore Bill Kramer (R) announced that he would hear a voice vote for a roll call on final passage. Immediately, the majority Republicans shouted their ayes, and the Democrats were booing, as they tried to be recognized to demand a separate motion to cut off debate.

Then Kramer called the vote. Within seconds, the digital vote system on the wall announced 51 ayes and 17 nays, and voting was suddenly closed. With a total of 96 members, that got to a majority for the bill but left 28 members who hadn't had a chance yet to vote.

The cowardly GOP Assembly, sans four Republicans voting against, couldn't pick up their brief cases and exit fast enough, as the house exploded with outraged Democrats and protestors shouting "Shame!" Watch (h/t Bob Brigham):

Not a done deal, the budget bill moves on to the Senate still missing 14 Democrats, but a clear sign that the Wisconsin GOP is willing to sink or swim with Walker and the du Pont Koch agenda.

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The nature of conservatism

Since when is making someone so that they can't bargain for something - supposed to be conservative?


Bargaining, whether collective or not - is the very essence of conservatism.  What these bush republicans have done in the past few months, in power - amounts to nothing more or less than the dog and pony show that they ran when they were last in power.


And we , as American people - thanks to the corporations who saw fit to spend all their money on a midterm , to the tune of 4 billion dollars - instead of hiring people to work - are footing the bill.  Does anyone else besides me remember the last time the bush republicans were in power? Financial crash. War of convenience. 2 Trillion dollars wasted making rubble rattle around in the desert. Gay Republican boy-molesting congressmen running around in the halls of washington in their underwear. 


And now, let's see... what have they accomplished. Oh yeah. The "Job Killing Please Read the Title of Our Bill Bad for the Economy Don't Look at What's Under Your Bed at Night Free Political Advertisement" bill.   That failed in congress.  Miserably.  And is now dead legislation. And let's see... oh yeah, in Washington, they're going to be shutting down the government because they can't balance a budget.

Bush Republicans!


by Trey Rentz 2011-02-25 01:01PM | 1 recs


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