State of the Union - GOP Response(s)

Even More Silly Party Bachmann Response: The tyranny of lightbulbs!  Stop telling us which lightbulbs to buy!  Unless we repeal health care, we won't be able to keep the status quo!  Turn back 132 regulations that will cost $100 million or more, also, again, repeal Obamacare.  Something about miracles and "maintenance of liberties" through angry letters to the editor.

Silly Party GOP Response: Paul "Roadmap" Ryan is up. Crushing burden of debt, eclipsing economy, catastrophic future.  Talking about debt or The Rapture?  Health care costs are going up, so we should repeal everything.  Bankruptcy!  Republicans pledge to do [something, we'll get back to you] responsibly.  We risk "transforming our safety net into a hammock."  His roadmap would turn it into a wet Kleenex.  Post Ryan, Wolf Blitzer is noticeably giddy over Bachmann response.

10:18: Have to confess, Twitter distracted me.  How did it end?  Did Climate Change even get a mention? 

9:59: Still "building a partnership" in Afghanistan, troops out next July.  Revitalizing NATO.  "America's standing is restored..." declaration begs a few questions.  DADT, "No American will be forbidden from serving the country they love, because of who they love."

9:51: Spending.  "We have to stop pretending cutting this type of spending alone will be enough.  It won't."  Before we take money from schools, "ask millionaires to give up their tax breaks."  Rough budget mentions: cut military spending by 1/2, raise taxes on top 2%, close tax loopholes.  No big applause for five year spending freeze.  POTUS cracks a smoked salmon joke.

9:45: Health Care. "You have ideas?  I'm eager to work with you."  Start with 1099.  "Not willing to go back to denials for pre-existing conditions. Fix what needs fixing, and move forward."  W/that, President now looks reasonable, GOP petulant. 

9:40: Infrastructure, education, tax reform... global trade agreements?  The WTF moment of the speech.

9:35: "Ended unwarranted taxpayer subsidies to banks." But gave them everything else they wanted.  Yay, taxpayers!

9:30: Revisiting clean energy pledges/phrases from the 2008 SOTU.  After two years of talk, little progress, plays more like closure on 2008 excitement than a renewed commitment.

9:24: "Invest" is the new "Stimulus."  Finally getting the messaging right.  "This is our Sputnik moment" will be the line of this speech in tomorrow's headlines.

9:22: And there it is, "Take responsibility for our deficit."  Let's leave it at that for now, Mr. President.  (See, jobs)

9:20: Obama striving for a positive tone, American innovation, education, jobs... Yeah, jobs. 

9:12: "Mindful of the empty chair." Giffords tribute.  "Recognition won't usher in a new era of cooperation."  I think Boehner visibly winced when POTUS reminds governing now a "shared responsibility."

I'll be quasi-live blogging the speech here.  WaPo has the full text.

The Sunlight Foundation is covering the speeches "with context" via Sunlight Live, check it out.  Slate has the seating chart.

Consider this an open thread.


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