Momentum in Open Race for VT-Gov

By now you know I've pushing progressive candidate Matt Dunne for the open Vermont governorship. Vermont hasn't had a progressive Governor since Howard Dean, and Matt's got the right background to win this tough election and the right ideas to govern.

His campaign has had some major momentum this week. First, with the first newspaper endorsement of the cycle, the Addison County Independent has embraced Matt Dunne:

Matt Dunne, however, is the candidate at the crossroads of this new generation. He gets it, understands its power and the opportunities waiting to be tapped, can articulate what is both practical and promising, and can set the state on a path to seize that new energy.

While we have no doubt that others could lead the state well, we think Dunne’s unique background as a community developer for Google, his leadership under President Clinton with Ameri-Corps, his family connection to Vermont’s dairy farming will provide a new kind of leadership style that will forge alliances — not for political purposes (a benefit of not being part of the current political leadership) — but for the betterment of the state. Finally, of all the candidates, his vision and intuition perfectly match the times....

We not only think he can do the job, he’s the candidate to help the state seize the day for the next decade and for our sons’ and daughters’ futures. Vote Matt Dunne for governor in the upcoming Democratic primary.

The endorsement follows the campaign's announcement that they met the fundraising goals they'd set for a drive that ended Tuesday night. This means they'll be on television with their first ad soon.

The primary is just a couple weeks away, and absentee ballots are already out. With a low turnout expected, GOTV and final fundraising will make the difference. Please help Matt out at ActBlue.

Matt also used this week to unveil a detailed economic plan for Vermont.

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When is NRDC going to get real about climate change legislation?

Heather, I agree with everything you say about Citizens United, corporations buying votes, and the how regressive the coal industry is.  However, the major environmental groups have distinguished themselves by their craven willingness to compromise on climate change legislation.  Senators Kerry and Lieberman were only able to get majority support on a climate change bill by larding it with billions in subsidies for nuclear power and the fantasy of "clean coal" and also by stripping the ability of EPA to regulate carbon dioxide emissions. 

Even so, their bill, when it did have CO2 reduction targets, only callled for a reduction of 17% below 2005 levels by 2020.  That is way below the 20-40% reduction from 1990 limits that is the consensus call from informed scientists that we desperately need in the short term.  I know that NRDC says it is necessary to support a weak bill as it is better than no bill. 

I call on NRDC, and the other big environmental groups, to take a strong stand for a bill that does not give away the store with subsidies for nuclear and coal and does not sign away the only power we have (EPA's regulation over CO2) in exchange for almost meaningless reduction targets.  Congress will do its compromise thing but it will be harder to do if the environmental community stands together for a strong bill with reduction targets mandated by science not by politics.  When NRDC is an adjunct of the the Democratic National Committee, it loses any power it has for positive change.

by chrisdarling 2010-08-05 07:38PM | 0 recs
RE: When is NRDC going to get real about climate change legislation?

Chris, you put this comment on the wrong post, Heather won't see it here.

by Nathan Empsall 2010-08-06 06:45PM | 0 recs


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