Ask Bud Selig to move the 2011 All Star Game

My initial reaction to the Arizona boycott was to roll my eyes. Harming the state's economy will punish the state's low-wage service workers, not its legislators. And since many of those folks probably don't vote anyway, a boycott does lots of harm with little good. But, when there's a chance to prevent something big and new from coming to town rather than harming the existing workers, that's not a bad idea, especially if that new thing is social rather than political. This diary from Restore Fairness alerted me to the fact that preventing next year's MLB All Star Game from coming to Phoenix isn't a pipe-dream after all:

A few weeks ago, New York Rep. Jose Serrano sent a letter to [MLB Commissioner] Bud Selig urging him to move the All-Star game from Arizona and to take an official stand against the law that many players feel is an affront to civil liberties and to the spirit of baseball, but got no response. Opponents of SB1070 and civil rights groups that are mobilizing support to ‘move the game’ held a protest outside the headquarters of MLB earlier today.

Congresspersons? Major protests? This just might work.

There are two ways you can contact Commissioner Selig's office. The first is to use the online form at MLB's website, but that requires you to use less than 500 characters - not even five whole Tweets. So I mailed him an old-fashioned letter with a stamp this morning. Here's what I said:

The Office of the Commissioner of Baseball
Allan H. (Bud) Selig, Commissioner
245 Park Avenue, 31st Floor
New York, NY 10167

Dear Commissioner Selig,

My name is Nathan Empsall, and I currently reside in northern Idaho. I may soon move to the East Coast. If I do, I will attend at least half a dozen games at Nationals Stadium per year with trips north to Fenway. If I remain in Idaho, the occasional quick trip to Seattle for Mariners games is likely. I also plan to continue renewing my dues-paying membership in Red Sox Nation each year.

That is, unless MLB moves ahead as planned with next year’s All Star Game in Phoenix, Arizona. My grandparents live near Phoenix and the gorgeous state is dear to my heart, but its legislature’s and Governor’s current bout of racial intolerance is unacceptable. Please stand up for your hundreds of minority players and let Governor Brewer know that if Arizona does not repeal its unconstitutional immigration law, you will move the game to another state. If you do not, MLB will not get a dime of my money until the law is repealed.

Thank you, Mr. Commissioner.

Nathan Empsall

P.S. I wouldn’t mind a repeal of the DH rule either, but I can be reasonable.

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