Paul Hodes to progressives: Stop Cowering!

I was thinking about writing a post about how the left never stands together when attacked the way the right does. See Jones, Van. No need for that piece now - Senate candidate Paul Hodes (D-NH) beat me to the punch with an amazing diary at Daily Kos called "Weak Knees." Hodes doesn't call out the White House specifically, but he does mention Shirley Sherrod, so take this as a thinly veiled swipe at Tom Vilsack and the Adminstration for being the ones to "buckle." Here's an excerpt, and please, read the whole thing and support Hodes at our ActBlue page.

I’m sick and tired of Democrats getting weak knees every time the right-wing media flexes their muscles.

The firing of Sherrod over what turned out to be a heavily (and deceptively) edited video of her remarks is the latest example. When the far right bulldozes, too many of us buckle...

We have no excuse for not fully understanding what the far-right is capable of in terms of hateful and deceitful rhetoric. From Glenn Beck to Rush Limbaugh to Andrew Breitbart – they’ve shown us time and again exactly how willing they are to distort the truth...

The bottom line is that the longer we let the right-wing media control our political rhetoric by spreading misinformation, the more we fail to deliver the change we promised and fight for our progressive ideals.

And every time we respond to their attacks with weak knees and cowering in the corner, we give them credibility. Even worse – we encourage them to keep it up.

It's also at Huffington Post.

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Bravo to Hodes!

We need more Democrats like Paul Hodes and Alan Grayson who are willing to step to the lying Republican scumbags and tell them to their face that they are deceitful and disgusting. Instead, we get a simpering, whimpering Obama who keeps thinking he can get some "bipartisanship" out of these liars if only he just keeps being nice to them! For someone so smart, he acts plenty dumb too much of the time. He needs to be like Harry Truman and tell them the truth to make them think they are in hell. I'm sick of cowards like him living in his bubble thinking everything will turn out just fine if he just keeps above the fray.

I just returned a "Final Appeal" from the DNC a few days ago reminding them that each time they try to hit me up for money, I will refuse to contribute to them because I will never again support an organization that takes my hard-earned money and spends it profligately on DINO Dems and Blue Dog dems who vote against the very interests I so strongly support, who ignore our party's platform, and who weaken legislation designed to help ordinary people so that instead it supports the wealthy, the connected, and the elite who give them Judas money to harm ordinary citizens.

For me, the final straw was the failure of Obama and the Democratic party leadership to push for and include a public option in the recent Health Insurance reform bill. We gave up single payer -- actually the President gave up single payer in closed door meetings (meetings he railed against while running for office) -- and then repeatedly promised to fight for a public option, only to allow it to flounder when crunch time came. That duplicity was just too much for me. It is why I will prove that Rahm Emmanuel was wrong when he stated that we liberals would have no place else to go this November. He was wrong. We have plenty of places to go: we can stay home, vote for third party candidates, or just write-in someone who will not betray us after taking office. And as for campaign donations, I'll never again waste a single dime on these duplicitous lying a**holes. I'll continue to give, but I'll make sure my money goes to individual candidates like Grayson and Hodes who aren't afraid to stand toe-to-toe with the disgusting Republican scum.


I haven't decided if I will be voting this November. I will not easily forget all the hard work, time, and capital I gave to the election of Obama, only to see him diss me and the millions of others who elected him, by making secret deals with big PhRMA, AHIP, and other corporate lobbyists to give away our ability to buy drugs from Canada, the public option, and a host of other things he had promised us during the election campaign. How's that closing of Guantanmo going? How's that Patriot act defense going for ya, Mr. President? Why aren't you prosecuting the previous administration for war crimes? Is it because you are now following those same policies and putting your own administration in similar jeopardy?

I am tired of this Adminsitration being more concerned about how the Rightwing feels and kowtowing to Blue Dog dems, watering down every single bit of legislation that he now wants to brag about as being so protective of ordinary Americans like me. But it ain't so. Each new law gives more to the corporate interests fighting it, than it actually gives to ordinary people like us. Grow a pair, Democratic Leaders. Show some spine, Mr. President. Until that happens, you have lost me and my support and you will no longer be able to count on me for money or help with your campaigns. Oh, and while you're at it, you should get rid of that sleeze ball, Rahm Emmanuel who has his head so far up the butts of the corporate lobbyists and Blue Dog dems. Should be quite telling that almost all the Dems who will be losing their jobs this November will be those very same Blue Dog dems who have sabotaged all the good legislation that we Dems should have tried to pass these past two years. That should tell you something loud and clear, but my guess is this administration will continue to be deaf to the base and will keep working on that bipartisan thingie.

by mcarnes 2010-07-22 09:44AM | 0 recs
RE: Bravo to Hodes!

Please vote... as pissed as you may be at Obama, and as much as some in the administration may deserve it, they're not nearly as bad as Speaker Boehner would be... I'd rather have weak bills that move in the right direction than the Bush status quo, and Boehner would work to repeal financial regulation...

Rahm will probably resign after the midterms to run for Mayor of Chicago. It'll be a turning point one way or the other to see who Obama taps to replace him.

by Nathan Empsall 2010-07-22 02:15PM | 0 recs


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