Ron Johnson: sign trasher


 Check this out, during last weekend’s Republican convention in Milwaukee, Republican Ron Johnson was caught on video ripping down signs supporting Republican Terrence Wall:


 More over on Blogging Blue and Forward Our Motto out of Wisconsin. Russ Feingold gets to beat one of these Republicans in the GE.


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A little overwrought

The place is practically plastered with his opponent's signs.  The video does not show him "ripping down signs," it shows him taking down a single sign out of many and placing it off to the side. While this is a brief video snippet with no context, the most logical inference was that he was going to stand in this spot and greet people and he didn't want the other guy's sign directly behind him.  Maybe this is a federal crime but I'm just not feeling it.

by Steve M 2010-05-25 06:32PM | 0 recs


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