Paul, Palin, and Puerility

Dear Sarah,

I know that in your eyes I’m a socialist lefty pajamas-wearing blogger, but in honor of today’s Idaho primary, a place where we both grew up and even share an alma mater in North Idaho College, I hope you’ll be willing to set aside our differences for a moment and clear just one thing up for me.

Why, when you or Rand Paul say something stupid in response to a reporter’s question, is it the reporter’s fault for playing “gotchya” journalism, but when Barack Obama says something you don’t like, it’s proof that he’s a "reckless" "socialist" hell bent on destroying our national defense?

This strikes me as a hypocritical double standard, but I’m sure that's only because my un-American elitism blinds me to your no-doubt obvious and honorable motives. Please help me remove my blinders, and explain this to me. Thanks!!!

Respectfully yours,

BTW, speaking of Rand Paul’s diarrhea of the mouth, KY-SEN Democratic nominee Jack Conway has launched the following brief but pointed petition. Please sign it:

Rand Paul said that holding BP accountable for the Gulf oil spill - one of the greatest environmental disasters in history - is “un-American.” Rand Paul apparently thinks that corporations should be allowed to do what they see fit without oversight or accountability, even when it hurts working families and taxpayers.

Sign this petition to join Jack Conway’s campaign and tell Rand Paul that we need Senators who will stand up for working families and fight to hold BP and Wall Street corporations accountable.

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About accidents and being stupid

I was just thinking about Pauls most offensive (at least to me) soundbite. "Accidents happen". Right. They do. 

But the BP oil disaster and the financial crisis WEREN'T accidents. They were the logical result of a capitalistic economy, that will always try to cut corners to increase profits and because of that structural greed will always been inclined to make risky investments.

Especially now that they know that the public (or rather the politicians) will bail them out when the shit has reached the fan. Or the oil has reached our shores.

I remember kos elaborating on the similarities between progressives and libertarians some years ago. But as long as libertarians close their eyes to the real, imminent threat that big corporations pose to average Americans, there isnt that much common ground to begin with.




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