If At First You Don't Succeed...Tea Party Tries Again For Nat'l Convention

Remember that scene from Poltergeist II, when little Carol Ann says of the spirits terrorizing her family, "They'rrrrrre baaaaaack."

Well, ladies and gentlemen, the tea baggers are back again trying for another national convention.  But this time, the Tea Party National Convention is going to Vegas where they'll have trainings on the art of raising $50,000 in 90 days and combating allegations of racism.

Billed as a "unity" convention, Tea Party Nation is organizing this latest tea party gathering.  You'll remember that Tea Party Nation put on the first tea party convention, held in Nashville earlier this year, and faced criticisms for charging a $549 registration fee as well as paying former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin $100,000 to keynote the event. 

In case you're wondering, the Vegas tea party convention scheduled for July carries a $399 registration fee.  Put into real world figures, $399 pays my cell phone bill for eight months.

Somewhere Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D - Nevada) is salivating at having the tea baggers come to his home state promoting such extreme candidates as Kentucky GOP U.S. Senate nominee Rand Paul.  Reid, facing a tough re-election battle this fall, should find it easy to say, "Vote for me.  I'm not as crazy as those guys."


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