DNC Outraised RNC $13m to $11.4m in March

If the $11.4 million raised by the Republican National Committee in March indicates that the GOP base is becoming more motivated in the wake of the passage of healthcare reform, I wonder what it means that the Democratic National Committee raised even more money.

*** DNC outraises RNC in March: While the RNC says it raised $11.4 million in March, the DNC is going to report that it raised more than $13 million for the month, a party source tells First Read. “Since the last days of fundraising were done around passage of health care reform, it's clear supporters of reform were more generous than opponents,” the source says.

Considering further that there are now allegations that the RNC under Michael Steele may have been shifting around numbers in an effort to make it appear as though they have raised more money than they actually have, one wonders even further how the Beltway spinmeisters will be able to come up with the logic as to how this is all good news for Republicans...

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a lot of big Republican money

is going to the NRCC, NRSC and RGA rather than the RNC because of the many doubts about Steele. I'd be interested in seeing how the overall committee fundraising numbers look.

It's good to see the DNC will have a decent amount of money to spend this fall, but it's too bad they shut down the 50-state field program.

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I can't see how

the whole bondage club incident would rake in a bunch of cash, however paying for hot Hollywood kinky things must get expensive!

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It would be useful to see some reporting on the impact of Steele's tenure on the RNC's GOTV infrastructure.

The RNC, its sister committees and state parties are top-down organizations. Most operational aspects of campaigns, like the Republican's 48 hour program and Voter Vault online GOTV system, are organized and run out of the RNC. Those systems will be critical in this November's elections.

Near as I can tell Steele has not put much money or effort into campaign infrastructure. He seems to direct most money raised into entertainment and raising more money, he has very little cash on hand to support campaign operations going into the field season.

The Tea Parties have claimed that their independent organizations can supplant the RNC's operations. But we know from Democratic experience in 2004 that disperse organizing infrastructure leads to poor targeting and wasted effort. In other words the Tea Partiers will spend their time talking to themselves, they are unlikely to contact or persuade less motivated people to go vote. There is a risk they will turn off soft Republican voters. The main Republican GOTV organ in the past few elections, mega-churches, does not appear to be as engaged this cycle.

The DNC, by contrast, appears to be gearing up to fully engage OFA. OFA has a proven track record of effective targeting, and the integration of VAN across Democratic leaning GOTV organizations should spread those techniques beyond OFA.

In any case I'd love to see some reporter dig through the FEC reports and talk to field operatives on both sides to confirm or refute my speculation.


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