Money and the 2010 Midterms

A bit of cold water for those who think the outcome of the 2010 midterms has already been decided, with the Republicans set to retake one or both Houses of the Congress.

The top 3 Dem campaign committees have outraised their GOP rivals, adding to a financial gap that some on the GOP side believe could rob them of opportunities come Nov.

The DSCC will report having raised $6M in March, barely higher than the NRSC's $5.14M raised. The DSCC also has a narrow cash on hand advantage, with $17M in the bank versus the NRSC's $15M.

Also this month, the DNC outraised the RNC by a $13M to $11M margin. Earlier today, the DCCC announced it would file reports showing it had outraised the NRCC, $9.77M to $8M.

Both the DCCC and the DSCC have paid off all their debt. The DNC still had $3.7M in obligations at the end of last month, though they have yet to report a debt figure this month. None of the GOP committees have showed a debt for months.

Looking deeper into the numbers, specifically into those relating to the House of Representatives, which is viewed as more tenuously in the hands of the Democrats than the Senate, the party in power now holds a $26 million to $10 million cash-on-hand advantage over the challenging Republicans. What does this mean? The national Democrats now have the capability to play in 2 1/2 times more seats than the national Republicans. While this financial disparity isn't assured to remain through November, the fact that the Democrats continue to raise more than their Republican counterparts suggests that all of the talk of the House already having been all but lost for the Democrats might be a bit overblown.

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Outsider groups

Are you following the development of the corporate groups outside the GOP?  Rove is in one, Coleman doing another. I doubt the Dems have any sort of advantage, but do have a fair accumulation to make it more or less somethng that money won't decide.

by Jerome Armstrong 2010-04-20 04:57PM | 0 recs
Weren't the Dems outspent in 2006?

I thought I read that somewhere but I am not sure.

by bay of arizona 2010-04-20 06:42PM | 0 recs
RE: Weren't the Dems outspent in 2006?

Yes the dems usually are out-spent and out-raised by the GOP.

So all this raising money matters less than having a good ground organization and campaign. It's also not usual that the dems can raise more money now - we after all "control" 56% of congress and the WH. 

by vecky 2010-04-20 08:31PM | 0 recs
there's no doubt in my mind

that the GOP will leave some House seats on the table because of the NRCC's cash on hand disadvantage, and the fact that the RNC won't have its usual enormous war chest. But I agree with Jerome that the Republican 527s will make up a lot of that difference. The GOP still has a reasonable chance of winning back the House, but at least the DCCC will have the resources to defend our most vulnerable.

by desmoinesdem 2010-04-20 09:03PM | 0 recs
The DNC will spend $50 million

On the midterm elections.  We're gonna need every penny of it.

by Kent 2010-04-21 02:20AM | 0 recs


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