The One Agency We Trust More Today than in the 90s

A lot of interesting and ominous data from the latest Pew poll worth sorting through tonight. But one point that stood out to me as particularly surprising is the comparison of sentiments towards various government agencies today versus in 1997.

Over the past decade, Americans views towards a majority of the federal government agencies polled by Pew have declined significantly. Only a small handful of agencies, like the FBI and the Veterans Administration, have seen their favorability ratings hold firm.

The one agency to see its numbers increase significantly in the past 13 years? You wouldn't guess it, but the Internal Revenue Service. That's right, us Americans like the IRS more than we did in the 1990s -- a lot more. While just three-in-eight Americans viewed the IRS favorably a dozen years ago, that number has grown to nearly half (47 percent) at last tally. While this still makes the IRS one of the lesser liked federal agencies, it does suggest that anti-tax sentiments might not be quite as virulent as some might have us believe.

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