The Fundraising Quarter Ends in 72 Hours Open Thread

As we continue to celebrate the historic vote on health care reform (and continue to lament the right-wing's response of threats and violent rhetoric), it's important to remember that we're just 72 hours away from the end of the pivotal first fundraising quarter of 2010. Now is the time to contribute!

For your contributing convenience, there are ActBlue pages set up for specific groups.

Of course, I manage my "Expand the Map!" ActBlue page, promoting Democrats running for Senate seats currently held by Republicans and, this cycle, better Democrats running in primaries against conservaDems (i.e. Bill Halter taking on Blanche Lincoln) and recent Republicans (i.e. Joe Sestak taking on Arlen Specter). I hope you'll check it out and contribute what you can to our Democrats for U.S. Senate.

Daily Kos' Adam Bonin runs the "We've Got Your Back, v2.0" ActBlue page, promoting House Democrats in swing districts who supported health care reform despite the political risk. Standing up for these politically brave Democrats makes it easier to persuade Dems from swing districts to take politically risky votes for reform in the future. Some of my favorite Democrats, including Representatives Alan Grayson and Carol Shea-Porter, are represented on the page.

MyDD has established the "Going On Offense" ActBlue page, promoting Democrats running for Senate, Governor, and House - challengers and incumbents. Featured are Democratic campaigns including Tom White for Congress from Nebraska, Matt Dunne for Governor of Vermont, and Senator Russ Feingold's re-election. MyDD's Nathan Empsall went into further detail about the on Going On Offense effort on Thursday.

Remember, the contribution you can make isn't just a donation to a single candidate or political campaign. It's an investment against Republican obstruction (and conservaDem enabling) at all levels of government. Every dollar these Democrats are able to report before the end of the fundraising quarter on Wednesday night will demonstrate Democratic strength against their Republican/Teabag opposition. It makes a big difference and a real impact.

72 hours. Please chip in if you can on any of these pages - or directly to your favorite Democratic candidate for office in 2010. This is an open thread.

For news and analysis on the U.S. Senate races around the country, regularly read Senate Guru.

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A tiny bit OT

Speaking of Q2 fundraising totals how do you think the RNC is going to do?

If I were a big donor I am not sure what would be worse: knowing that my Chairman was spending four digits watching hot babe on babe action, OR that he was running such a loose operation that any random 'non-committee staffer' could submit a $1900 'entertainment' receipt for reimbursement? Either way it has some pretty nasty implications for cash on hand reporting next summer.

Democrats should be building a shrine to Michael Steele and keeping votive candles lit 24 hours a day, the guy is a damn miracle worker for us.

by Bruce Webb 2010-03-29 02:00PM | 0 recs


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