KY-Sen: Conway Supports Health Reform, Mongiardo Does Not

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Every single Senate Democrat supports America's health insurance reform. This will no longer be the case if Dan Mongiardo, rather than Jack Conway, wins Kentucky's open Senate seat.

In the Democratic primary to replace retiring Republican Jim Bunning, Kentuky state Attorney General Jack Conway supports the historic legislation signed into law today while Lt. Gov. Mongiardo does not. In a press release, Conway criticized the bill's industry sweetners but expressed support for the larger package:

Last night, Congress passed historic health care reform. This momentous legislation will stop insurance company abuses, lower costs for businesses and individuals, and provide affordable coverage for up to 654,000 Kentuckians who are uninsured. The Senate will vote on the bill soon, and if I had the honor of being Senator, I would vote for it.

This bill is not perfect. It does not give Medicare bulk purchasing power for prescription drugs, which could save taxpayers $200 billion dollars. Unfortunately, Washington struck a deal with the big pharmaceutical companies that took this issue off the table. 

If I am elected Senator, the first piece of legislation I introduce will repeal this special interest giveaway. To truly reform the health care system, we need to cut health care costs, while maintaining benefits and this $200 billion dollars in savings needs to be part of the solution.

Kentucky voters deserve to know where their candidates stand on the issues. I support this bill while my opponent has said he would 'throw it all out and start over.' According to CNHI, my opponent's position is 'basically the same line used by Sen. Mitch McConnell.'

There is a clear choice in this race. I support health care coverage for all Kentuckians while my opponent, Daniel Mongiardo, agrees with Mitch McConnell and Republicans who want to revert to the broken health care system of our past.

If you were mad at Joe Lieberman or Ben Nelson for their work on the bill, then wait'll you get a hold of Dan Mongiardo.

Unfortunately, Mongiardo is running well ahead of Conway, who needs our help. Taking Jim Bunning's seat will help blunt Democratic losses elsewhere and move us toward a more progressive caucus. I've started an Act Blue page for open seats we can win; click here to donate to the first candidate there, Jack Conway's Senate campaign.

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