CPAC: Classy

It's really problematic that CPAC organizers seem to think this type of thing is perfectly acceptable (via Think Progress):

Attendees at a conservative conference in town this week will have the opportunity to whack a pinata of Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). Conservative Political Action Conference “CPAC” begins Thursday here in D.C. and will feature a party Friday evening where guests will have the opportunity to whack a Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) pinata.

Keri Ann Meslar, director of development for the Greater Washington Sports Alliance and Katherine Kennedy of The Blonde Charity Mafia will be two of three famous D.C. residents taking a turn at the pinata during the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, which starts on Thursday. Meslar will be the guest “whacker” at a CPAC-sponsored party in Georgetown.

Disturbing on a few levels, including the obvious ones related to violence.

But also weird how one-dimensional some of the conservative energy is. 'Pelosi bad!' Whack.

I can't imagine any equivalent at Netroots Nation - partly because the concept is so...garish? But also because it just wouldn't be satisfying. I don't want to whack McConnell in the head, I want to decrease his relative ability to affect the passage of progressive legislation!


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See I WOULD love to whack McConnell in the head... but the real McConnell not some stupid efigy.

by FUJA 2010-02-17 01:51PM | 0 recs


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