Hitting the Trump

I doubt Trump is the only rich businessman that's thinking the GOP nomination is there for the taking from the likes of Senators like Thune that voted for the bank bailout. Via Mark Halperin:

PAGE EXCLUSIVE: New Hampshire voters polled by phone on their feelings about The Donald and 2012.
Trump's brashness, faux anti-establishment populism, willingness to take on Obama right here, right now as a take-charge-CEO-type, and bright-shiny-object status with the media would allow him to draw a lot of attention. He wouldn't have to declare he was running for sure, just say he was thinking about it... and we the media will flock to that shiny object like moths to a single lightbulb in the middle of Iowa on a hot summer night.
OK, I made up that last part, but you get the point.

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Trump could win

But I doubt he will run. 

Trump will not want to have his private life or past business dealings exposed, he won't want to give up the golf, the tv, etc, and run hard.   He also, I don't think, will want to part with the 300 or 400 million of his own cash it would take.  

Remember Trump is "only" worth about 1.6 billion according to Forbes so he'd have to spend a pretty sizable percentage (18 or 19%) of his worth to win.   That doesn't seem like his style.

If he were to run and win it would be fascinating.  It would either work great, with both parties in Congress being somewhat forced to work with him, and not being held back by party loyalty.  Or it would be a train wreck with both parties putting him on ice for 4 years.

Once question would be, how would he staff his administration?   I think a lot of the best people from both parties would probably take a pass on working in an independent admin.

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RE: Trump could win

Okay on MSNBC Trump said this afternoon that he is a Republican.  So I assume that he would run as such.   So much of my post is meaningless.

I still don't think he'll want to run.   I think he will enjoy the media, enjoy being courted, and then head off to the gold course.

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