The UK landscape

At about the 6 month mark, the Lib Dems have taken a knock in the polls, and Labour is positioning themselves as the clear left party-- Britain's Progressive Future. Here's a good read:

The Conservatives seem relatively level, as people give them "benefit of the doubt" for now. Labour do appear to have taken some advantage, but are not quite overhauling the Conservatives yet. While the Lib Dems have clearly lost out to result in a return to their downward trend, as they appear to alienate their supporters by significant reversal on some Lib Dem policy commitments.... Their figures show that most of the Lib Dem losses come from switches to "Don't Know". This is a pretty standard "Protest Vote" pattern growing around the LibDems, rather than high levels of voters defecting to Labour (currently 15%).

The Lib Dems have stepped up to the plate to govern, and a new Age of Austerity is about to be embarked upon. Open revolt has happened within the Lib Dems over some of the measures, and the cuts are just beginning. For example, the government budget in Wales will be reduced by 12% over 4 years. Overall, the government's message:

"today is the day that Britain steps back from the brink", as he outlined the long-awaited comprehensive spending review, which he said would achieve a balanced budget and falling national debt by 2014-15 while putting public services and the welfare system "on a sustainable, long-term footing".

However, that probably assumes some sort of economic growth, which may or may not happen. People don't like the LD's as much now, and critics are hitting. That was all predictable, but what's next is more perplexing. The Lib Dems have to hope these cuts work, and growth emerges (pretty much on its own). AV voting has to occur. That's really what the LD's depend upon going forward, and it has a good shot of passing.

Particularly encouraging was reading that when voters were educated about what AV Voting is, it went from being a tie to winning easily.

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RE: The UK landscape

OK, What is AV voting? The link didn't say.

by antiHyde 2010-10-25 07:13PM | 0 recs
RE: The UK landscape

Voters would RANK a number of candidates
from a list in order of preference. If a candidate wins more than half of
the ‘1st preference’ votes, a winner is declared. If not, the least
popular candidates are progressively eliminated from the contest,
and their supporters’ 2nd and subsequent preferences counted and
shared accordingly among the remaining candidates in successive
rounds of voting. This process continues until an outright winner is
declared.  Electors won’t have to rank all candidates if they don’t
want to and the winner won’t necessarily get more than 50% of all
votes cast.

by Jerome Armstrong 2010-10-25 09:45PM | 0 recs
RE: The UK landscape

Ah! Australian system like the Hugo awards. Thank You.


I'd sure like to see it here, but the Democrats surely know that many people would be voting Green #1, Democrats #2. And Republican supporters would probably vote Libertarian #1, Republican #2. The two majors will cooperate to keep the present system.

by antiHyde 2010-10-26 05:49PM | 0 recs
RE: The UK landscape

I think the Liberal Democrats have completely invalidated themselves as a viable party and their standing will suffer considerably in future elections. The UK just isn't used to the concept of coalition governments. Their one advantage is the voting system where in particular constituencies it is a straight choice between the Conservatives and Liberals and there is no viable Labour alternative. However, I think in the long run Labour have made the wrong choice as their leader, and should have gone with David and not Ed. If things do improve over the next few years I wouldn't be surprised to see David Cameron call a general election early so he can form a government without the Lib Dems. In the long run I think this would be for the best for Lib Dems, too. 

It is interesting to note how center left/left wing political parties take up about 60% + of the British voting electorate and yet they have a center right government.

by Graham1979 2010-10-26 06:22PM | 0 recs
The Lib Dems are on a kamakzie mission

many of them are what we would call Libertarians, a.k.a. Ron Paul types. Vince Cable is the Ron Paul of the U.K.

by Paul Goodman 2010-10-30 05:49PM | 0 recs


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