Midweek Diary Rescue

Big week in the diaries.  Enjoy.

And your bonus:  Early voting.

To the best of our knowledge, around a third of ballots cast in the 2008 presidential election were cast by a method other than the traditional Election Day polling station. This number comes from extensive efforts to aggregate state-, county-, and township-level data on the 2008 presidential election.

11 states have now reached above the 50% early voting threshold: Tennessee, Nevada, Colorado, Washington, and Oregon have received more than half their ballots via these alternative methods since 2006; Arizona, Florida, Georgia, New Mexico, North Carolina, and Texas joined them in 2008.

Early voting is happening in 28 (+) states.  Find out where to cast an early ballot.

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In the interest of science

I would like to attempt to categorize the strange and mishappen creatures that move around in the night and fund GOP campaigns.


1. The Wikid Witch - a troll designed to login to wikipedia, and write the word "controversy" seven times in each incumbent's wikipedia page.


2. The Corpse-orate Spons-horror - An amorphous blob shapeshifter, found under rocks and beneath pockets of mud and ooze.  Usually found in the company of the slobbyist.


3. The Slobbyist - a gruesome beast with two heads who feeds on human voters and chews up American institutions.  Its eyes are like two big, 20th century, TV screens and its claws are long and hairy - and usually found with senate cufflinks on.


4.  The Troll - inhabiting blogs everywhere, the troll's sole purpose is to break up dialogue, and distract from any discussion of actual issues. The trolls favorite companion is the Vampoll, and the slobbyist.


5. The Vampoll - a pale, effeminate looking man, usually dressed in fine clothing. He is averse to cellphones and will make a hissing noise of silence when he is presented with voters who use them instead of landlines.  Kept alive by an army of consultants, he can be killed with a vote driven straight from the heart.





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