Time to Pay Attention to the VA-AG Race

I haven't paid any attention to the Virginia Attorney General race -- but it looks like it's right time I should. Take a gander at who is running the campaign of GOP nominee Ken Cuccinelli:

[Democratic nominee Steve Shannon's new campaign manager Mike] Henry faces Chris LaCivita, a veteran Republican operative who worked for George Allen and was behind the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth in 2004 and the first ads about Barack Obama's connection to Vietnam War-era radical William Ayers last year.

I don't know anything about Cuccinelli, but the people he associates himself with say a lot about him. Running for a position that is not an inherently partisan one, but rather one about upholding the law, Cuccinelli chose as his top staffer a complete partisan hack who stoops to the lowest of lows to try to slime Democrats. If this is any indication of the type of Attorney General Cuccinelli would be, then it should be abundantly clear that he must be stopped.

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What You Need to Know

Cuccinelli is as low as you can go without running into garden slugs. He's as vile as they come. And he stands a very good chance of getting elected in November because, thus far, Virginia Democrats are doing a piss-poor job of organizing and fundraising.

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Re: Time to Pay Attention to the VA-AG Race

Ken Cuccinelli says, "If we can confuse them, we're happy to do that."  Unfortunately, "Cooch" as we call him is very good at pretending to be a reasonable guy when in fact he's as far right an extremist as they come.  Thiscomment by one of Virginia's best progressive bloggers pretty much sums it up when it comes to Cooch.

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Re: Time to Pay Attention to the VA-AG Race

Cuccinelli's also big on the ideathat states are "sovereign" and "dog whistle politics" like his "Minutemen Program," "Don't Traders" and "Gadsden Plan."

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Re: Time to Pay Attention to the VA-AG Race

Cuccinelli is considered the most conservative member of the State Senate, and right now he's the favorite.

Let's do something about it: www.shannon2009.com

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If Democrats continue to not turn out

and not care about these crucial downballot races, the Republicans will sweep the Virginia statewide races for the first time since Reconstruction.  

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Reconstruction ended in 1997?

The Republican ticket of Gilmore/Hager/Earley won all the statewide races that year.

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