Admitting The Obvious

Sargent flags video of Fox News reporter Jonathan Hunt admitting what everyone should already know:

"Instead of this debate being about national security, what is and isn't torture, what the Bush administration should and shouldn't have allowed and whether anybody in that administration should now be prosecuted, the Republicans are now able to frame this debate as to whether Nancy Pelosi is fit to continue as Speaker. So they are not about to let their foot off the gas in any way, shape, or form."

Of course.

Apparently Republicans didn't sign-off on the memo to 'look forward' on torture. Instead they filled a vacuum and threw blame on Pelosi - and it's probably the right's biggest political victory since the inauguration.

There's no better time to appoint a special prosecutor. We can't move on from torture this way.

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I Don't Know

Possibly this could be the BEST time to appoint an independent special prosecutor.

Republicans initially spun the concept as a fishing expedition. Now they want to investigate Pelosi. This could open a door for Congress to appoint an independent prosecutor to look at Pelosi AND all aspects of the use of torture being authorized by the gov't, including who knew what when and who authorized what when and how.

Now that there are potential targets on both sides of the isle and the Repugs are pissed off and grandstanding re: Pelosi, the appointment of a prosecutor might look much more bipartisan.

This is somewhere between wishful thinking and deep REM dreaming I realize, but it just might work so that the Repug's outrage could sneak back and bite them on the ass!

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Re: Admitting The Obvious

Terrible idea...

by obama4presidente 2009-05-18 08:36PM | 0 recs
Re: Admitting The Obvious
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