President Obama 100 Day Address Thread

Congress delivered President Barack Obama a nice present ahead of this evening's prime time press conference in the form of a budget passed by a comfortable margin -- 53 to 43 in the Senate (with Republicans lining up unanimously in opposition, along with Evan Bayh, Robert Byrd, Ben Nelson and Arlen Specter) and 233 to 193 in the House (with Republicans lining up in unanimous opposition, along with 17 Democrats, mostly moderates and conservatives, but also gadfly Dennis Kucinich). The passage of the budget does not ensure that all of President Obama's agenda will be enacted into law, but it will make it significantly easier to make big legislative pushes, including healthcare reform, a reality.

For now, consider this a thread on the President's press conference timed to coincide with his 100th day in office... What are your thoughts?

Update [2009-4-29 20:52:16 by Jonathan Singer]: Very good question from's Michael Scherer on state secrets. President Obama says reform needs to come, but it will take some time to do it in an intelligent, well thought out way.

Update [2009-4-29 20:48:32 by Jonathan Singer]: It does not sound like immigration reform will be enacted in the first year -- just the process will move forward.

Update [2009-4-29 20:44:47 by Jonathan Singer]: Good to hear a question on immigration reform. I, too, wonder if it will be addressed in the first year, as President Obama has said in the past.

Update [2009-4-29 20:38:11 by Jonathan Singer]: Obama the comedian makes his first appearance in handling a long, multi-part question from The New York Times.

Update [2009-4-29 20:29:59 by Jonathan Singer]: Another tough question from CBS, this from Chip Reid of the television wing of the network rather than the radio wing. Is Arlen Specter switching parties a big story? Will President Obama be able to handle such a doozy?

Update [2009-4-29 20:23:14 by Jonathan Singer]: Obama nicely swats down Cheney's argument vis a vis torture, offered up by CBS Radio -- memos don't address the more fundamental questions of whether torture actually makes us safer on the whole and whether information could have been obtained otherwise.

Update [2009-4-29 20:18:3 by Jonathan Singer]: Obama: Waterboarding is torture (no ban on the word, apparently).

Update [2009-4-29 20:16:37 by Jonathan Singer]: If Barack Obama was seeking to use this press conference to project the image of an informed, engaged and active President -- then he's succeeding thus far.

Update [2009-4-29 20:9:12 by Jonathan Singer]: Really? The first question is on closing the border with Mexico? Really? Nice work, Associated Press.

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first question

Why arent you more xenophobic?

by sepulvedaj3 2009-04-29 04:09PM | 0 recs
Re: President Obama 100 Day Address Thread

"gadfly Dennis Kucinich?"

The only holdover FDR liberal-socialist left in the House is a nuisance? Give us a break. Join the Democratic party.

by MainStreet 2009-04-29 06:17PM | 0 recs


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