Nomination thread for 2000's decade

Bumped, any others?

This article about Senate Roll Call Vote Number 392 as the Most Significant Vote of the Decade got me thinking, what are the other most significant votes (or bills passed) in the 2000's, and also the most significant campaigns of the 2000's. Lets gather a list here. First, define "significant" as noteworthy for whatever reason-- it stood out. Of course, those contests which played an important role in the development of the netroots/internet should be weighed more significantly than those which did not.

Nominate in the comments, as I will, for the most significant votes and campaigns, and we will tally them up and make the MyDD list for the 2000's.

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Re: Nomination thread for 2000's decade

Iraq War Authorization-- Oct 2002 The biggest vote of the decade imo. It led to the the most insurgent candidacy of our times in the Democratic party in Dean, and to our sitting President's candidacy in Obama, both being on the right side.

McCain-Feingold-- CFR passing paved the way for Democrats to be reinvigorated by small donors. Insiders like HRC agreed with Republicans who thought it was political suicide. The netroots argued it would transform the party.

War in Afghanistan-- In terms of lasting impact, this nearly unanimous vote (only Barbara Lee stood in opposition) has led us to a 9 year war that will turn out to be the longest war in American history.

Campaigns-- these are the nine that came to me first, but I will likely forget one or another more important.

2008 Clinton, Obama, Edwards: Iowa Caucus
2000 Bush vs Gore: Florida recount
2002 Daschle vs Thune
2004 Dean, Gephardt, Kerry, Edwards: Iowa Caucus
2006 Lamont vs Lieberman primary
2005 OH-02 special election
2009 NY-20 special election
2006 VA Senate race
2006 Montana Senate race

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Re: Nomination thread for 2000's decade

It occurs to me that we could make a top ten out of the '08 nomination race on its own:

IA-- Obama's remarkable win
FL/MI-- that they didn't count
NC- Obama wins KO
NH-- Clinton's come from behind
SC-- Obama crush
WI-- Obama wins TKO title
OH-- Clinton's survives
PA-- Obama's nightmare
NV-- Obama winning on delegates
WY-- Clinton finally figures out how to caucus

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Re: Nomination thread for 2000's decade
2002 NH Senate
2000 Missouri Senate
2001 NYC Mayor
2003 California Governor Recall
2004 Washington Governor
2008 Minnesota Senate
2008 North Carolina Senate
2002 Georgia Senate
2006 Texas Governor clusterfuck
2002 Kansas Governor- GOP primary
2006-US House- Iowa 2nd District (upset of Jim Leach)
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2002 Max Cleland...

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Re: Nomination thread for 2000's decade

Senate Health care vote 2009. Whereas everything else could be explained away as we need more Democrats, this conclusively proves the party is center right. That has profound implications going forth into the future. Everything else has been prelude to determining this fact. Big Tent = Right of center.

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Re: Nomination thread for 2000's decade

Yea, the specific vote on the privatized mandate in the senate is surely a top 5-- especially as it allows the GOP all the talking points it needs, while taking the same contributions.

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Re: Nomination thread for 2000's decade

Which exposes the wide and widening disconnect between DC (and its promoters) versus the general American electorate in which both parties try to out rightwing each other even as the electorate seeks  more and more populist (often left leaning) solutions.

I can not get over the fact that 60 percent of the public still supports the public option after a 2 billion dollar campaign by the insurance industry to kill it while both parties attempted to also minimize or demonize the concept. That's how wide the disconnect is. Most of this decade hid the fissure between the public and DC culture.  We could always say it was this or that. It was Bush or not enough Democras or whatever. Now, we learn at the end of the decade, that this was never about Bush or the GOP alone. It is both parties. That's profound.

As bad as this decade has been, it has mostly been a distraction due to Bush's wars and terrorism regarding the overall struggle began in the 90s and before that.

I think this sets the stage for a Ross Perot like movement.

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Re: Nomination thread for 2000's decade

I think this sets the stage for a Ross Perot like movement.

How did that work out for Perot after the "center right" administrations of Bush and Clinton.

It is as if you have no awareness of what you type.

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Re: Nomination thread for 2000's decade

Typical non-sensical response. My point is a simple one- this is what will probably happen given the gap between the two parties and the American people. You add all these things because you don't like that outcome. Tough. Stop whining or do something about it.

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Re: Nomination thread for 2000's decade
     In addition to what Jerome has mentioned, I would cite the vote on the Medicare Drug Benefit, particularly in the House, and the votes on the three Supreme Court nominations.
     In elections, although they were clearly not the most significant events of the decade, I would nominate Sheldon Whitehouse's win over Lincoln Chaffee in 2006, Jeanne Shaheen's defeat of John Sununu in 2008, and Jim Himes's defeat of Chris Shays in 2008 as landmarks in the death of the Republican party in New England. In terms of netroots impact, there was Donna Edwards's defeat of Al Wynn in 2008 and Ciro Rodriguez's narrow loss to Henry Cuellar in 2006, when the netroots breathed life into Rodriguez's moribund campaign. But of course the Lamont campaign in 2006 was the ultimate in that regard.
     Also, the election of an avowed socialist, Bernie Sanders, to the senate in 2006.  
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Re: Nomination thread for 2000's decade

Right, I forgot about Donna Edwards-- big one.

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bills of the decade
Bush tax cuts
Iraq War authorization
Bush energy bill
Obama stimulus
by desmoinesdem 2009-12-29 09:12AM | 0 recs
Medicare part D as well

forgot that one.

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Re: Nomination thread for 2000's decade

I think you need to pair the Dean and Draft Clark 2004 campaigns at the top.

They together clearly changed the parameters of the campaigns that followed.

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Re: Nomination thread for 2000's decade

The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 was enacted by the 111th Congress and (I believe the first Bill)signed into law by President Barack Obama on January 29, 2009.

A first bill to amend the statutory limitations period and supersede the Ledbetter decision was introduced in the 110th United States Congress but was never enacted, passed by the House it failed to survive a cloture vote in the Senate due to the opposition of most of the Republican Senators.

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Re: Nomination thread for 2000's decade

Campaign: Bush/Gore 2000.  No question -- the result defined the decade.  Other notables: Dean 2004 (blogs' potential), Lamont/Lieberman (blogs' limits), Bush/Kerry 2004 (the American People are stupid).

Vote: AUMF.  It defined the 2008 Dem primary and cost our nation trillions of dollars.  All of the Bush tax cuts (peak of Republican power), Social Security overhaul's defeat (limits of Republican power).

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Re: Nomination thread for 2000's decade

Bush v. Gore, 531 U.S. 98 (2000), is a landmark United States Supreme Court case decided on December 12, 2000. The case effectively resolved the 2000 presidential election in favor of George W. Bush. Only eight days earlier, the United States Supreme Court had unanimously decided the closely related case of Bush v. Palm Beach County Canvassing Board, 531 U.S. 70 (2000), and only three days earlier, had preliminarily halted the recount that was occurring in Florida.

BTW, Could my user id be changed?

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Re: Nomination thread for 2000's decade

yea, what to?

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Re: Nomination thread for 2000's decade


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Re: Nomination thread for 2000's decade

flipping the switch on the new site tonight.

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looking forward to it!

I hope we won't lose all the archives, though.

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Bush v. Gore as the most significant political event in the decade. The most significant votes were the Iraq War bill, and TARP.

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Re: Nomination thread for 2000's decade

Thank you for signing my / your book in Vegas.

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Re: Nomination thread for 2000's decade

done, should work now.

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Re: Nomination thread for 2000's decade

Good luck!

Some cut overs work.

Some don't.

All cut overs never look back. Things need to get working, Now!!

Shit keeps happening.

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Re: looking forward to it!

yea, thats about why it took an extra month. lotsa stuff to move over. still sorting some of it out.

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Patriot Act - Knee Jerk reaction changed America over night and set back Civil Liberties. Confirmation of Alito - Even more so than Roberts, the confirmation shifted the SCOTUS light years to the right in this replacement of O'Connor. 2008 General Election - Like him or not, one of the most significant historical events in the country's history. 2000 General Election - Showing us that with a brother as governor and your parties nominees on the SCOTUS, you too can steal a Presidency. Set the stage for one of the worst American Decades since the 1930's. 2008 Indiana Primary - Obama Didn't win, but his closer than expected finish and Russert's declaration of Obama as the nominee shifted the Super Delegate Balance and the nomination to Obama, effectively ending the Primaries in the minds of most people. 2006 CT Senate Primary - For one night, the douche bags lost and Progressives ruled the earth. 2008 Iowa Caucus - Obama's win and Hillary's third place were just some of the surprises that night. 2008 New Hampshire Primary - Hillary was done... the nomination was in the bag... and a little bit of raw human emotion so often lacking for much of 2007 from the campaign trail, propelled Hillary to victory, setting off the longest Primary season in modern history, making both Candidates formidible campaigners by the end. 2004 Iowa Caucus - Kerry's surprise win, Dean's burt of emotion and the media's nasty obsession change the CW of the 2004 Democratic nomination process. AUMF - For all the wrong reasons... And the Greatest moment of the 2000's.... Noon - Jan 20, 2008 - NO MORE BUSH!
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Woah... Not sure what's up with the formatting...
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