Last-minute lit drop and robocall thread

Which candidates and interest groups did you hear from on the eve of the election?

On Monday afternoon at 1:40 pm I got a robocall urging me to "get the facts" before voting. The "facts" are that Jerry Sullivan (Democratic candidate in Iowa House district 59) supported the Project Destiny proposal, which Polk County voters resoundingly rejected in a July 2007 referendum.

I think the robocall erroneously claimed that Project Destiny would have raised my property taxes, when in fact it would have reduced property taxes while increasing the local sales tax.

The robocall went on to say that Sullivan is financially backed by groups wanting to pass some kind of legislation I couldn't hear, because my son was making a lot of noise in the background. It may have had something to do with unions or collective bargaining, because when I called Sullivan's campaign manager to tell him about the call, he said Republicans were lit-dropping a piece yesterday saying Jerry Sullivan will force you to join a union.

The robocall concluded by saying that the fact is we can't afford Jerry Sullivan, and that the call was "proudly paid for by Iowans for Tax Relief PAC, working to protect family budgets." I stayed on the line with my pen in hand, waiting to write down the phone number, but the robocall did not give a phone number. I thought that was required by law. The robocall did not mention Chris Hagenow, the Republican candidate in House district 59.

Sullivan's campaign had volunteers out in the most Republican part of the district yesterday (the wealthy Clive 4 precinct). They were dropping positive campaign literature, along with a piece about the nine mayors in the Des Moines metro area who have endorsed Sullivan, including Clive Mayor Les Aasheim.

I'm happy to report that the GOTV machine in Iowa is engaged on behalf of Democrats at all levels, as I mentioned in this post yesterday.

Who has contacted you lately about the election, and what did they say?

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Re: Last-minute lit drop and robocall thread

Western VA here...

I dropped three McCain robocalls for the world to hear, at ... two of them I got yesterday.  I got a 3rd yesterday from John Warner for McCain... not a word about Gilmore, however. ;)

I got 5 calls from Obama, two of which were robocalls.  Three were live people making sure I know where to be, what to provide, etc.

by doss 2008-11-04 01:36AM | 0 recs
what kind of phone do you have?

By 2010 I need to figure out how to record these. We'll have some very competitive state-level races, and perhaps a tough fight to replace Leonard Boswell in IA-03 if he retires.

by desmoinesdem 2008-11-04 01:39AM | 0 recs
Re: what kind of phone do you have?

Actually my recording capabilities this year were the result of simple, basic luck.  All calls were made to my office line, all made while I was out of the office.  Yesterday I was taking care of the baby while my wife was out canvassing, so I was able to answer all of the calls from the afternoon onward.

I'm seriously contemplating buying something to automate the recordings, myself.  Not only for the benefit of this in the future, but for professional (and protective) reasons.  

"recording phone calls" on Google yields a wealth of information for reference.

by doss 2008-11-04 01:57AM | 0 recs
Re: Last-minute lit drop and robocall thread
I heard from me! :)
McCain stuff dropped off in the past 12 hours here in WI.
by Noonan 2008-11-04 02:30AM | 0 recs
Re: Last-minute lit drop and robocall thread

from WNY:

lots of local calls here, but nothing national since we're not a swing state. But yesterday I listened long enough to one of the calls to hear a reminder to vote, followed by a request to vote for Obama (yea!) and a local GOP state senate candidate. He's disgusting and now trying to have it both ways.

by walker301 2008-11-04 02:36AM | 0 recs
Re: Last-minute lit drop and robocall thread

Eastern Iowa reporting in!

I voted three weeks ago, so the calls have pretty much stopped.  In terms of lit drops, I'm doing them, not getting them.  Door knocking/lit drops Saturday, phone banking and door knocks Sunday, GOTV door hangers Monday, more of the same and door knocks today. (I'm reporting in at 10 am at Davenport Obama headquarters, and I plan to keep at it till 9 pm.  Two good flashlights and reflective clothing for later this evening.)

by RunawayRose 2008-11-04 05:08AM | 0 recs
Re: Last-minute lit drop and robocall thread

Hey there!

They moved me out of Iowa for the time being I am running phone banks and canvasses in Ohio the last few days. Not sure if I emailed you or not but hey, today is the day!!!

by JDF 2008-11-04 05:13AM | 0 recs


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