Happy Blogosphere Day!

Today is the 4th annual Blogosphere Day. Ned Lamont explains in an e-mail he sent out this morning:

One year ago today, the national blogosphere came together to support my candidacy for Senate in Connecticut. Through a wave of small online contributions, thousands of people across the country became invested in our underdog primary campaign and helped to push us to an important victory in the Democratic Primary just a few weeks later.

Two years ago today, the blogs rallied around Paul Hackett's special election campaign for Congress in Ohio. Three years ago today, it was Ginny Schrader's grassroots campaign in Pennsylvania.

July 19th has come to be known as "Blogosphere Day" - one day every year in the middle of the sleepy summer when the online community rallies to support a grassroots campaign and propel it into national prominence.

This year, instead of supporting a candidate, Blogosphere Day is being devoted to building an essential component of the progressive infrastructure, Act Blue. Mike Lux makes the pitch over at Open Left:

Today, on Blogosphere Day, please give directly to ActBlue to allow them to keep building and expanding their ability to help all of us. Supporting ActBlue directly, allowing them to expand their reach, will do more to strengthen progressive politics than any other contribution you could make.

Gen. Wesley Clark, Sen. Chris Dodd and Sen. Dick Durbin have posts on the importance of Act Blue as well.

You can join the celebration by giving to Act Blue today.

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A Pitch for Idaho's Larry LaRocco

Today, I made a pitch for Larry LaRocco.  With a relatively small population and inexpensive media market, a quick $100,000 or so (say 5,000 $20.60 contributions - see the pitch) could really be a game-changer.  Read the pitch for more details or just throw a few bucks Larry LaRocco's way.  This really is our best chance in at least a decade-and-a-half for a competitive U.S. Senate race in Idaho!

by Senate Guru 2007-07-19 10:36AM | 0 recs
Re: Happy Blogosphere Day!

I agree, ActBlue is probably the single most imporant netroots innovation of the past cycle. It's precisely because of its success that the Right is aiming to replicate - and crucially, improve upon - ActBlue's model. For example, RedState is promoting a new service called Slatecard, and another one called Big Red Tent. As I argued in my briefly-recommended diary earlier, the progressive netroots cant afford to sit still and rest on its laurels in the online fundraising aggregation game. Key to capitalizing on our advantage is to embrace folksonomy at both the candidate level and the individual page level; and to develop tools to hook into existing online communities like FaceBook and LinkedIn.

by azizhp 2007-07-19 11:03AM | 0 recs
Re: Happy Blogosphere Day!

You had a very interesting post and hopefully the funding we get in 2007 will allow us to explore and expand to include some of the ideas that have been bandied about these boards. We don't always comment (though we often do) but we always are reading.

by KTatActBlue 2007-07-19 11:05AM | 0 recs
Re: Happy Blogosphere Day!

thats great to hear. I am willing to assist. You can reach me via email at apoonawa dash blog at yahoo.

by azizhp 2007-07-19 11:09AM | 0 recs


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