Demographics of Democratic Blog Activists

As Jerome indicated in Breaking Blue, yes, the new Blogads readers surveys have indeed made my day. I am pouring over the results as I type.

Before going over the results, the first caveat I would like to note is that this is not a scientific survey of blog readers with random probability. It is, instead, a self-selecting survey that heavily over-samples the most active readers of political blogs. The simple fact that someone had to take an action suggested over a blog in order to fill out this survey is demonstrative of the slant of the survey. Question #19 in the survey also shows what segment of the audience is being over-sampled. While the commenting segment of the progressive blog readership is probably best estimated at only 10% (or less) or the total readership, 55.5% of the people who filled out this survey indicate that they leave comments on blogs.

The second caveat I would note is that the results for "Democrats" are probably the most reliable section of the political blog surveys. Nearly the entire universe of progressive blog readers visit progressive blogs that use Blogads as their primary advertising service. With the advent of Pajama's media, that is not the case for Republican-leaning blogs anymore.

Even with those two caveats in mind, this survey does provide useful insight into the most active segment of the audience of the progressive blogosphere. Since this is the segment of the audience of the progressive blogosphere that is consistently of the most interest to the established news media and to the national political ecosystem, to information found in this survey is very useful indeed. While I anticipate that the time in the future we will eventually have more accurate and scientifically acceptable polling information on this new universe, in the interim period this survey strongly suggests just how very wrong most existing stereotypes about the progressive blogosphere really are, and how valuable this readership is to the progressive ecosystem as a whole. The results can be found in the extended entry.
Here are the results for "Democrats" in the 2006 Blogad readers survey (17,251 respondents), with the 2005 results in parenthesis (11,475 respondents):

Median Age: 46.4 (40.4)
The median age in the survey increased dramatically from 2005. This may seem impossible, but when one considers that just over 40% of the people who responded to the survey began blogging in 2005 or later, perhaps it is not impossible at all. Either way, a median age of 46.4 does serious damage to the "teenger" myth about blog readers so often bandied about. Democratic blog readers are neither young nor naïve. In fact, with a median age of 46.4 years, Democratic blog activists are quite representative of the national population as a whole.

Education: (no trends from 2005)
Post-Graduate Degree: 41.1%
College Graduate: 38.5%
Some College: 17.63%
High Scholl or less: 2.83%

Outside of academic journals, Democratic blogs almost certainly have the most highly educated audience of any news and opinion medium in the country. This is quite a contrast to the "naïve" stereotype about progressive bloggers. I would take a random sampling of progressive blog readers, with the points, against a random sampling of readers of any established news outlet in any intellectual challenge you can name. Progressive blog readers are very smart, and very highly educated.

Median Annual Income: $80.2K ($77.3K)
Democratic political blog readers are well-off. In fact, they seem to make more money than I do (and I am not struggling these days). The wealth of the Democratic political blog readership is certainly one of the reasons that many people in the political establishment see $$$ in their eyes when the netroots come up. However, it is also one of the reasons that organizations such as the DNC are now pretty much bought and paid for by the netroots. The McCain-Feingold ban on soft money shifted the donor base of the DNC away from millionaires and toward the upper-middle class. You know, all those fucking hippies making $80K a year.

Gender: 66.1% male, 33.9% female (69.0% male, 31.0% female)
While the gap closed somewhat during 2005, the activist segment of the Democratic political blogosphere is, unfortunately, still something a sausage party. I remain hopeful the gap will continue to shrink as time moves forward, but our ongoing tolerance of sexist language, the male dominated legacy of the technology and political sectors, and other factors continue to contribute this imbalance. I should note that in 2005, the imbalance was actually even worse on the conservative side of the aisle.

Political Engagement:
Signed a petition: 82.9% (79.9%)
Contributed to a cause/campaign: 79% (78%)
Written or called any politician: 79.9% (72.8%)
Written a letter to the editor: 47.0% (44.4%)
Attended a political rally, speech, or organized protest: 46.3% (55.3%)
Active member of any group that tries to influence public policy: 37.4% (38.5%)
Attended a public meeting on town or school affairs: 37.3% (35.0%)

These numbers speak for themselves. Active political blog readers are also political activists. No political neophytes here.

Media Consumption
Democratic political blog readers are voracious consumers of all media. Word of mouth, television, radio, newspapers (both online and offline), magazines (both online and offline) and blogs all registered between 10 and 20% of the average total media consumption. This should not be a surprise either. People who seek out political blogs, which are not easy to find since they have no marketing budget or central portal, must inherently be people who are voracious consumers of media. Democratic blog readers seem to consumer every media available, indicated that they must be very engaged in current events.

Active readers of Democratic political blogs are very highly educated, highly politically active, quite well-to-do, voracious consumers of media, not very young, and skew male. Apart from the male part, these indicators fly in the face of stereotypes about progressive bloggers, who are supposedly drooling, rabid, anti-social, uneducated, teenage extremists with no political value and out of touch with current events. Quite to the contrary, active blog readers have a tremendous amount of political capital to spend, and are in search of adventurous progressive politicians and organizations to spend it on. Is there any major progressive political group in the country that would not want to appeal to the demographics of this readership? High concentrations of wealthy, highly educated, highly active media junkies cannot be found in many areas in either this or any other country. Mischaracterize and misjudge them at your own peril.

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Re: Demographics of Democratic Blog Activists

It's a bit disappointing that the survey didn't ask race/ethnicity questions.  It's not irrelevant.  I suspect that there is a bit more truth to the stereotype that most active political blog readers are white than some of the other stereotypes but maybe not (I'm here, after all) and we are left not knowing.

by Colorado Luis 2006-04-26 07:15AM | 0 recs
Re: Demographics of Democratic Blog Activists
Agreed. My guess is a readerhip that is around 80-85% "white only," using the 2000 census marker.

I wouldn't have minded religion info either.
by Chris Bowers 2006-04-26 07:22AM | 0 recs
Re: Demographics of Democratic Blog Activists

Yes, indeed:

Democratic political blogosphere is, unfortunately, still something a sausage party.

By the way, I agree, I'd be curious to see some demo questions in the survey next time -- I'd like to see where I stack up: 32 year old Latino male immigrant with military service, college educated and a registered Democrat -- oh, and an unabashed Liberal.  Square that with the stereotype of a liberal blogger.

by bedobe 2006-04-26 07:51AM | 0 recs
Re: Demographics of Democratic Blog Activists

Err, you pretty much described Markos Moulitsas Zuniga, except he's 34.

by Adam B 2006-04-26 08:41AM | 0 recs
Re: Demographics of Democratic Blog Activists

Yeah, I know -- I often find the similarities between him and I kinda curious.  

I was 12 when I immigrated to the States from El Salvador and I was 17 when I enlisted in the Marines.

I have a BA in Poli Sci and now work in the tech industry.

Pretty soon I will be moving from LA to Boston (by the way, any job tips would be great -- my ideal job will combine my two greatest passions, politics and technology).

I considered my self a republican/conservative while in high school and during the early part of my military service -- I simply didn't know any better.

I believe that Markos was born in the States but moved to El Salvador with his family at an early age, and then moved back up to the States.

Markos has a BA and a JD, he's 34 and he enlisted in the army -- I won't hold that against him -- when he was 18, I believe.

And I know that Markos lived in Boston while working on his JD.

I know Markos volunteered for Henry Hyde and, as Markos puts it, he's been atoning for it ever since.

I've often wanted to send an email to Markos to say, Hey, let's grab coffee and chat... we got some catching up to do.

by bedobe 2006-04-26 09:27AM | 0 recs
Re: Demographics of Democratic Blog Activists

Am I the lone brown regular reader?

by Matt Ortega 2006-04-26 09:30AM | 0 recs
Re: Demographics of Democratic Blog Activists

There are at least two of us on MyDD...

Do we have a third?

Latino in LA here.

by bedobe 2006-04-26 09:38AM | 0 recs
Re: Demographics of Democratic Blog Activists

Latino in Denver here.

by Colorado Luis 2006-04-26 12:17PM | 0 recs
Re: Demographics of Democratic Blog Activists

Maine (Abenaki) Indian in Pittsburgh (soon either California or Connecticut.)

by MBW 2006-04-26 01:28PM | 0 recs
Re: Demographics of Democratic Blog Activists

I tan pretty damn good under the sun on the Outer Banks and my politics are pretty radical, do I have to stay a white guy forever?

by clichy 2006-04-27 12:30PM | 0 recs
Re: Demographics of Democratic Blog Activists

What's a "white?"

Is that the opposite of a "black" or something?

Indeed I would too like to see surveys include questions on ethnicity but more than that even it would be delightful to learn that some liberals are not all that much into tribalism.

There is fascinating software that can estimate European nationality by racial admixture from DNA. One should not confuse some kind of European-American with that.

Thank you for bringing the matter up and allowing me to air a pet peeve about the human condition.

by terryhallinan 2006-04-26 09:48AM | 0 recs
Re: Demographics of Democratic Blog Activists

Well, there is a lot of scholarly literature on this.  "Opposite of 'black'" is a good place to start.  A good working definition of "white" in America is someone who doesn't get the societal stigmas attached to people who are viewed as Black, Latino, Asian-American, Native American or other "nonwhite" groups.  Interestingly, some of the civil rights laws are written in terms of guaranteeing that all people have "the same rights as white citizens."

by Colorado Luis 2006-04-26 12:19PM | 0 recs
Re: Demographics of Democratic Blog Activists

By "get", I presume you mean "isn't a target of" rather than "fails to understand or appreciate".

by DavidNYC 2006-04-26 04:59PM | 0 recs
Re: Demographics of Democratic Blog Activists

Right.  Sorry for the lack of clarity.  I probably should have said "receive."

by Colorado Luis 2006-04-27 07:57AM | 0 recs
Re: Demographics of Democratic Blog Activists

Check out the Mommy blogs.  fascinating

by Matt Stoller 2006-04-26 07:39AM | 0 recs
Re: Demographics of Democratic Blog Activists

I'm not surprised that moms online tend to be Democrats - I've been a member of a email moms list for ten+ years, and the vast number of our moms fit the typical profile (now 40s, educated, comfortably well-off, liberal, with most residing on either coast or Canada - this out of about 100 moms and a couple dads.) A number of us now have blogs too.

One stereotype that we dash is the number of our group who homeschool (at least 15%).  Tends to call into question the idea that homeschoolers are all rightwing, religious extremists living in Missouri.

by MBW 2006-04-26 01:40PM | 0 recs
Re: Demographics of Democratic Blog Activists

I think the political engagement figures are misleading. There's a difference between activists who say began their activism in say, 1992, and those who began in 2003. My sense has been that the blogosphere is dominated by male GenXers who basically didn't tune into politics until after they turned 30, at which time they were energized by one of crisis events that define our current political age (Impeachment, Florida recount, 9/11, or Iraq). I think there's a discernable difference even within GenX between people who politically engaged in the early 90s and those who engaged in the early 00s.

by blueflorida 2006-04-26 08:02AM | 0 recs
Re: Demographics of Democratic Blog Activists

In what way are they different? Why would the political engagement figures be misleading?

I don't understand what you are arguing. I'm not criticizing, I am just curious.

by taraleigh 2006-04-26 08:14AM | 0 recs
Re: Demographics of Democratic Blog Activists

I should clarify that I think it's misleading on the question of how active and experienced people are. By most metrics, political activism rose across the board in conjunction with the 2004 election. There are lots of folks who weren't introduced to politics until Dean for America, yet would be able to say yes to all of those things political engagement questions.

I would just be a bit cautious in characterizing bloggers as a group as "experienced" when relative to the whole of the political activist universe, they may be on the lower end of the experience/involvement spectrum.

This is not to confuse "experienced" with "knowledgeable." I think that if anything, the numbers above don't illustrate the real advantage bloggers have over average party activists in terms of knowledge of political current affairs.

by blueflorida 2006-04-26 08:35AM | 0 recs
Re: Demographics of Democratic Blog Activists

46.4 puts you in the tail end of the baby boomers (which end technically in 1964) not in genx (which begins later).

But you make a valid distinction between active and experienced. Active could well be since 2003 or 2004 which would mean less experience then someone in the same age group that has been active all along.

I would not say that makes the figures misleading however. That distinction is a secondary breakdown amongst the "politically active" class.

The numbers remain valid and the point they make, that bloggers aren't simply a bunch of people that spend their days bitching and moaning while typing away without ever doing something about it. We type, we bitch, we act.

by Andrew C White 2006-04-26 09:22AM | 0 recs
Re: Demographics of Democratic Blog Activists

Good points. I would say thoughh that although the median age is 46, last year the median age was 40.

by blueflorida 2006-04-26 09:43AM | 0 recs
Typo on the subject line

Chris you wrote "pouring", you should have written - "poring"

by turnerbroadcasting 2006-04-26 08:28AM | 0 recs
Computer professionals!

I thought it was at least somewhat interesting how many self-described computer professionals are on these things.  That probably accounts partially for the wealth of the group.  And it also makes sense, since those guys are savvy and aware and spend their days chained to desks.

by beyondo98 2006-04-26 08:35AM | 0 recs
Re: Computer professionals!

"spend their days chained to desks"

tell me about it...that chain usually looks like a Treo

by dfields 2006-04-26 08:57AM | 0 recs
Re: Demographics of Democratic Blog Activists

While it may dispel many of the myths of teenage bloggers it does not dispel the myth that we are all a bunch of liberals. In fact those numbers are disturbingly representative of the profile that Pew did back in March (May?) of 2005.

by Andrew C White 2006-04-26 08:56AM | 0 recs
It's not the liberal-ness that's a problem

Do you mean the Deaniacs one or the general one on the net and the 04?

Wouldn't you expect that activists would usually skew towards the extreme end of a party's ideological spectrum? So Dem bloggers trending lefty isn't much of a surprise.

On the other hand, American politics generally, and today more particularly, isn't that ideological anyway. (Not in the old socialist/capitalist way, at least.)

And I certainly find a wide spread of opinions here that often are hard to place on a left-right spectrum.

(And thank God for it, say I!)

The trouble with a relative lack of ideology is that, one notes elsewhere in the lefty sphere, the desire for a donnybrook gets sublimated into BigEndian v LittleEndian groupuscular civil wars about insignificant details; litmus tests are imposed; parentage is questioned; threads are jammed against the right of the screen; offenders are shunned; self-righteousness is triumphant.

It's not quite Salem; but that's only because it's so difficult to arrange a satisfactory online hanging...

by skeptic06 2006-04-26 10:32AM | 0 recs
Re: Demographics of Democratic Blog Activists

Democratic blogs almost certainly have the most highly educated audience of any news and opinion medium in the country. This is quite a contrast to the "naïve" stereotype about progressive bloggers.

I agree we've been stereotyped unfairly. However, I don't think there's necessarily a tight correlation between level of education and political savvy.

by DavidNYC 2006-04-26 09:33AM | 0 recs
Re: Demographics of Democratic Blog Activists

I disagree with that statement.  Look at the level of education among the rabid right, the base that opposes abortion, supports guns, the death penalty, huge amounts of corporate welfare, and the number of times they've voted against their own class interests. There was actually a story in, I think, Business Week last week that touted the revolt of the investor class. The representative member of the investor class was a 26 or 28 year old pet groomer/walker who identified unequivocally with GOP politics and who was adamant in support of the ruinous fiscal policies of the current junta.

The guy didn't own the business, he was a dog walker, yet because he invests in mutual funds, Business Week found it expedient to make him emblematic of a constituency that supports policies that are driving us to bankruptcy.

I agree that the education levels are just as high in the GOP where people with graduate degrees and other professional qualifications are sucking up, as we speak as it were, to the powers that be. Their degrees aren't any less valid because of their beliefs, but I wonder who taught them critical thinking if they took a course in that at all.

This poll will be seized upon by the Limbaughs and Hannitys to trumpet to the world that the left is made up of elitists, people who have nothing better to do than gripe in cyberspace because their relative wealth gives them the luxury of not working for what this wonderful country has given them.  I can already hear it.

We have to use the education we have to force the democrats to fashion legislation that will roll back the excesses of this criminal unelected cabal starting with the Executive Order that gutted the Presidential Records Act of 1978. We then have to hold their feet to thed fire and make them accountable to the people instead of the special interests who still prowl the halls of congress baiting the traps.

And the first thing we should demand is that people like Carville are marginalized. Let him go to work pimping for Cheney like his wife does. I will not support a party that retains the likes of him.

by clichy 2006-04-27 12:50PM | 0 recs
One key difference with the Pew Dean survey...

...was that the percentage of men and women was almost equal (and arguably, women now dominate what is left of the Dean community still operating at Blog for America).

I believe raising the percentage of women netroots activists is an essential part of developing an effective netroots-friendly campaign.

by Vermonter 2006-04-26 11:00AM | 0 recs
dual-income families

I don't know if I'd say everyone is "well-off" per se. Consider:

- 75% of Dem respondents have households of 2 or more. While part of that must represent single parents, it still suggests that the majority of respondents are married (or otherwise living with a partner).

- The $80K number was annual household income, not individual income.

- It seems pretty likely that a lot of those 75% are going to be dual-income households (or more than dual). Your guess is as good as mine for the exact distribution, but the 2004 census data suggests that at least half of married couples in the US are dual-income. And the higher the annual household income the more likely a family is to be dual-income -- which of course makes sense if you think about it!

Divide $80.2K by 2 and you have an individual salary of $40K, which is pretty much the middle of the middle class.

Does a dual-income family where each person earns $40K count as well-off? Beats me. But just don't walk away with the mistaken impression that the average reader of MyDD makes $80K a year individually.

by drewthaler 2006-04-26 02:27PM | 0 recs
Re: dual-income families

Isn't the median FAMILY income in this country about $45,000? An $80,000 family income is well above middle middle class. Everyone is always shocked when they realize where the median is.

by kaleberg 2006-04-26 03:24PM | 0 recs
Re: Demographics of Democratic Blog Activists

i am white lady in my 70's and tickled to see at Atrios that 20 or so folks my age responded to the survey there / i dont know anyone else my age in my small town that is computer literate, however / i find the internet thrilling and fascinating / so much so that i have three (3) Macs

by caterina 2006-04-26 03:13PM | 0 recs
Re: Demographics of Democratic Blog Activists

Who'da Thunk....

It comes as no surprise to this 49 year old male living in Northern California, with 2.5 years of college, one child, two cars, two incomes, two mortgages and way too much bandwidth, that the most active, opinionated, intelligent and sensitive group of people in the world would naturally gravitate to the same corner of the Universe as we did...

It became obvious to me some years ago that when the wingnuts talk about a 'culture war', what they are really talking about is refighting, and rewriting, the 1960's...Mr. Bush and Mr. Alito have said as much. The swiftboating of Mr. Kerry was a brutal example of the lengths to which they will go to demonize the anti-war movement of the 1960's and the counterculture in general. The score settling in the Hearst and Weatherman cases were another example, while Clinton sought to bind and heal the wounds and divisions, the current rulers seek to use this pain, and other fears, to undo the real progress that the nation made in those turbulent times, we do not live in the world of our grandfathers, and there can be no turning away from the vision of the world, not hungry, not oppressed, not afraid, not ignorant that is the legacy, indeed the soul, of the America of that Abraham Lincoln, FDR, Martin King and John and Robert Kennedy fought so hard to give us.

No, it is no surprise to me that mature men and women of goodwill, education and relative wealth are concerned about the future of our Republic. It would greatly trouble me if they were not... Knowing as I do that my peers are members of that most fortunate of Baby Booms, the one that landed in the middle of the "post-war economic miracle", and having spent my life working with them, I can think of no other group more qualified by nature and temperament to do what needs to be done to rescue our Republic and our Planet.        

And now we have come full circle... I think we all knew this day would come...Nixon showed us what they were capable of, Reagan told us where they were gonna take us and Bush was created to close the deal.

We, we 'liberals', we educated, we prosperous, we have wrought the fruits of what we have allowed sown...We thought we learned some lessons back then, but maybe we really didn't... We did learn to live a little lighter on the land than our fathers and we don't beat our wives and children, but do we really have what it takes to earn the liberty that the blood of our grandfathers so dearly bought?

Is this how the greatest Republic of Free Men and Women that has ever existed comes to an end? On the edge of a limitless future of knowledge and understanding, are we just gonna sit here and let the wrongly powerful, the deceived and the greedy write a final end to the American Experiment, in ignorance and ignominy?


Blog, bitch, write letters to the editor, write checks to people who care...VOTE, be the elephant in every room until they listen, until they see, until they feel, until they change...

And of course be the most literate audience on the planet, and honor that by doing...


by Dallas112263 2006-04-26 05:58PM | 0 recs
Bravo! n/t

by Vermonter 2006-04-26 06:30PM | 0 recs
Re: Demographics of Democratic Blog Activists

Well said!!

I'm 55, Marine combat veteran of Vietnam, retired NYPD captain. This is an exact replay of what went on in my high school in the late 60s. The National Review crowd defending LBJ and the war while the rest of us bitched about it and defended our rights to disagree with the government. Well, we know how many of them went to the war and came home with nightmares.

Now they use the same wedge politics to divide this great country along cultural lines instead of class lines, class lines that have never changed since the days of Haymarket. People who don't know there was an America before Ronald Raygun looking down on folks who dare to disagree with a despot.

It's no mistake the Bush family is personal friends with the Somozas of Nicaragua going back to the earliest days of that obscenity of a dictator. They've got a lot in common: disdain for regular people and an absolute loathing for any sort of dissent whatsoever.

It's important that we keep focused on removing these people and bringing some respect back to this country by getting out so many people to vote in November that the machines can't be rigged, and if they are, by refusing to accept the results. Enough is enough already.

by clichy 2006-04-27 01:04PM | 0 recs
RSS numbers...

I loved this from the MyDD specific results...

65.83% never read blogs via RSS.

That's certainly describes me. I really prefer to look at content in its Web context and not via email. I like to bop around and launch tabs with Firefox instead of being a mouse lapping cocaine from a tube.

But, I'm a Webmaster/designer so maybe that's part of it. Or maybe because I'm 36, I'm just a little older than the full-on iPod self-serve generation?

by Vermonter 2006-04-26 06:45PM | 0 recs
Re: Demographics of Democratic Blog Activists
As a conservative, I am not surprised that liberal blog readers are rich because liberals tend to have money.
Have any of them voluntarily paid extra federal income taxes in protest of the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts?
I challenge MyDD to raise a billion bucks to protest those tax cuts
by Don Surber 2006-04-27 06:21AM | 0 recs
Re: Demographics of Democratic Blog Activists


Now what are we talking about here?

Giving the Republican dominated federal government more money to waste on Wars and tax cuts for the really rich...

Define rich...80K on two incomes is poverty level where I live, San Jose CA... Certainly not "rich" in any area of the country, though it goes much further in the hinterlands, where I assume Don lives...

Now, I did make a proposal, right after Katerina, that we institute a voluntary tax increase, based on the unfair tax cuts of the Regime, but directed to charity, Habitat for Humanity or other NGO's who care and do not kowtow to the regime. I asked my tax adviser to calculate the amount that we "saved" under the tax cuts, and over a four year period that amount was about $2,700.00 when averaged out, one hand giveth and the other...

So for 14 months, I started in Jan, I will send $100.00 each month to two worthy causes...

So far... Habitiat, the DCCC, the DNC, Cong. Lofgren and BuzzFlash, April went to Seva Foundation, but I get to go to the party (5/20/06, Happy 70th, Wavy Gravy!).

Oh, and one more thing..."conservatives", like Mr. Surber, live in total fear of the fundraising capacity of the NetRoots...and so they should!

When the time comes to organize, to concentrate resources and take action...we are ready and have been since the Dean Campaign...

Swing the Bat!


by Dallas112263 2006-04-27 12:22PM | 0 recs
Household income

The other difference between liberal and conservative blog readers, presuming they share characteristics with those of the same orientation societally, is that the former are more likely to live in or near metropolitan areas.  That tends to skew income.

My own income jumped substantially moving to the DC suburbs from the Deep South.  My standard of living, not so much.  Mostly, that's a function of radically higher housing costs and somewhat higher taxes.

by drjjoyner 2006-04-27 07:35AM | 0 recs
Re: Demographics of Democratic Blog Activists

I'm one of the few "homemakers" on the survey, married, 54, one income 90k, college grad, liberal, oh and female.

I wanted to comment on Matt's note about women, blogs and the language issue. I'm also a 'recovering Catholic' so cursing and off color language is not something I engage in very often. But I must admit I enjoy reading the colorful language when applied to this administration. It's like a catharsis, it lets me rant without using the language myself.

Now let me say that the gratuitous use of the F word if used against another commenter is annoying but I find that most of the blogs I read (over 10 a day, yeah, it's nice being a homemaker, all that diaper changing, sleepless nights, school function volunteering, has paid off with time on my hands now) are not excessively nasty.

Thinking back, I got involved in the anti-war movement in early 2003 and had been reading blogs in late 2002. Then Air America helped keep me informed as well. Lately my favorite blog is firedoglake. Those girls sure can write some trash.

I started with reading TPM and from there Atrios and Kos. I have to admit that with its expansion, daily kos is a bit overwhelming and I've cut back what I read there. I think Digby and Billmon came next (so glad Billmon's writing again), then Talk Left and Mydd. I added Americablog, Huffington Post, Raw Story, and Steve Clemons. Finally firedoglake, Glen Greenwald, Think Progress and Crooks and Liars. There are others I read on and off and some have come and gone.

I hope this is of interest to someone. I don't comment often but I'm here everyday.

by mpower1952 2006-04-28 06:05AM | 0 recs
Re: Demographics of Democratic Blog Activists

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by liaozhi123 2007-09-02 08:14PM | 0 recs
Wow, isn't this completely NOT a surprise.

by masslib1 2008-02-01 07:47PM | 0 recs
Re: Demographics of Democratic Blog Activists
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