Second Anniversary Thread

MyDD has been around a lot longer than March 31st, 2004. Its history, I believe, stretches back to even before 2001, when I believe it had nothing to do with politics at all. Jerome started using the site to cover elections in 2001, and by 2002 comments were added. Before long, it became the nexus of the netroots for the Dean campaign, and the highest trafficked progressive political blog in the country. Later on, Mathew Gross was recruited to write for the site, but by the summer of 2003 Jerome put the site on hiatus.

Today is the second anniversary of MyDD Scoop. Content-wise, since the Scoop relaunch there have been 4,546 front-page posts and 12,053 diaries. There are now around 14,000 registered users, and who knows how many comments. Traffic wise, there have been around 12.6 million visits since the relaunch, and around 19.6 million page views.

The last year has been particularly eventful. After an extensive search, Scott was brought on in July in help cover for Jerome. In October, Jerome stopped regular blogging, and shortly thereafter he and Markos came out with their groundbreaking work Crashing The Gate. Following a victorious Election Day 2005, I lost my fifteen-month will to power as a full-time blogger, and Jonathan and Matt were brought on to help breathe some new life into the site. Now, we have a fully-fledged four-man blogging team, and brand new platform that went live in late January.

In the last twelve months, we were at the center of the OH-02 special election, two Supreme Court nomination battles, and a remarkable, netroots funded polling project. I became a Democratic committeeperson, and Matt started the netroots ActBlue page. We published a major paper on the blogosphere for The New Politics Institute, and changed the way some polling firms asked their questions about Iraq. We went to Live8, made some waves with Hotline and Chris Matthews. I can hardly count the number of times we seem to have angered the right wing blogosphere. We helped out in TX-28, and dropped the ball in IL-06. I may have gotten Howard Dean in trouble with this post. The Liberal Blog Advertising Network, which I manage, has made money for a lot of progressive bloggers. You guys bought me a laptop too, which I has been my main computer ever since. There has also been a lot of behind the scenes activity that I couldn't possibly have the space to list here.

This was also our best year in terms of traffic and new content. We 300 more front-page posts this year than last year, nearly one per day. We had almost double the number of diaries we had in the first twelve months of Scoop. Our average daily traffic has also nearly doubled over the last twelve months. Overall, we pulled in 7.1 million visits in the last year, and just under 11 million page views in the last year, both improvements on our first twelve months.

What a ride. It makes me very proud to look back on everything that has happened, including the many, many influential posts and actions that were not even mentioned here. It makes me very grateful and deeply humbled to everyone who comes to MyDD and participates in the community. Without the readers, commenters, and diarists, MyDD would be a much lesser place. It also makes me excited for the future. I feel that we are becoming more active, more creative, more engaged, and more in tune with how to make a difference. I feel very strongly the year ahead will be even more prosperous and active that the pervious year. In the end, what really makes someone a progressive is the belief that the ideal for society always lies in the future, and has never occurred in the past. That is the case for MyDD as well.

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Chris Bower's Finest Moment

Breaking the Sen Brownback devotional art scandal.  Actually, I am suprised by how quick that post drew a response from one of his staffers.  

by Winston Smith 2006-03-31 06:17AM | 0 recs
Re: Second Anniversary Thread

Congratulations!  This is an everyday day read for me, and the first blog I recommend for political blog newbies.

Thanks for providing consistently great content.

by KansasNate 2006-03-31 06:32AM | 0 recs
wow, very nice.

i've been reading since the pre-Dean campaign days, and it's always been a daily read.

still is!
a salty salute to mydd.


by neutron 2006-03-31 07:37AM | 0 recs
Re: Second Anniversary Thread

Chris, I want you to know that while I often will take odds with some of the positions MyDD takes, it is my favorite of the interactive blogsites.   (A nod to EmergingDemocraticMajority/donkeyrising for data and analysis but it's not interactive.)

I've gotten my college-age daughter (majoring in Government and expecting to intern in D.C. this Summer & Fall) to add you to her list of political sites.  And I frequently pass on articles from MyDD to friends who are very active in the San Fernando Valley Democratic activist groups.

MyDD is one of my favorite "on-line restaurants" for political food.   Keep up the good work.

--Inigo Montoya

by InigoMontoya 2006-03-31 10:08AM | 0 recs
Re: Second Anniversary Thread

Well done.  I read myDD everyday.  Thanks for all your hard work.

by bloomer 1 2006-03-31 10:35AM | 0 recs
Re: Second Anniversary Thread

This was a great day.  Also the second anniversary of Air America Radio

by maryfromabluestate 2006-03-31 10:59AM | 0 recs
Remember when

MyDD was My Due Diligence?

by ROGNM 2006-03-31 11:47AM | 0 recs
A nice place

It's a clean, well lit, place...

by Michael Bersin 2006-03-31 12:58PM | 0 recs
as a member from the jurassic period

i'm happy to be a part, albeit small, of this great community.  congrats to the hard workers of mydd!

by skippy 2006-03-31 04:59PM | 0 recs
Re: Second Anniversary Thread

Happy anniversary!

by cascadiadem 2006-03-31 05:16PM | 0 recs
Re: Second Anniversary Thread

MyDD is probably my favourite site on the internet.  The work you guys do is always fresh and exciting.

Keep up the great work, and happy birthday!

by Illustrious 2006-04-01 04:02AM | 0 recs
Re: Second Anniversary Thread


by DemFromCT 2006-04-01 04:24AM | 0 recs
Re: Second Anniversary Thread

It's not really possible in the English language for me to convey how thankful I am for you and also how much I appreciate each of you: Chris, Matt, Scott and Jonathan. And, of course, Jerome. Markos, too. Working with you all is an honor. Suffice it say that I'm able to give my posting sign-off, keep the faith, because of you guys. Thank you all.

And keep the faith.

by Sun Tzu 2006-04-01 06:07AM | 0 recs


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