Lieberman Flip-Flops on Bolton

Helen Kennedy at the New York Daily News is reporting that Lieberman is now supporting John Bolton for UN Ambassador.

Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman on Monday endorsed controversial Bush appointee John Bolton for a permanent slot at the United Nations - putting him at odds once again with Democrats and his Senate colleague, Chris Dodd.

Dodd, D-Conn., is the leading critic of Bolton, the controversial envoy Bush sent to the U.N. on a temporary ambassadorship after Democrats and some key Republicans balked at nominating him.

"I see no reason not to be for Bolton," Lieberman told a meeting of the New York Daily News editorial board.

"Based on his capabilities - and now based on his performance - I believe Bolton is well-qualified," he said.

"I think he's been a good negotiator and a good spokesman. He deserves to have a vote. I think he deserves to be confirmed."

Bolton's recess appointment expires at the end of the year and he will need Senate approval to remain as U.N. ambassador.

Lieberman had not publicly taken a position on Bolton before.

That last line is wrong.  Lieberman voted against Bolton twice, in fact.  Actually, it goes further than that, since Lieberman voted against cloture twice.  That's a more extreme position against Bolton, which he has now reversed now that he's trying to win Republican voters.  Here is one roll call vote.  Here is another.  It must be tough for Lieberman, now that he's running in a Republican primary.

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that word "deserves"

seems to me to be an indicator of a quid-pro-quo agreement.  Maybe Bolton plans to head to CT on election day to pound his fists on some windows at polling stations--a little replay to come, perhaps, of his fabulous negotiation skills as a paid thug in the Florida 2000 recount.

by Jeffrey Feldman 2006-10-17 08:12AM | 0 recs
Re: Lieberman Flip-Flops on Bolton

This is a perfect example of Joe being tired of, and above all the partisan politics in Washington.  The fact that Dodd made a commercial with Lamont had nothing to do with this support Bolton hissy fit.   Certainly this is unequivocal proof that Joe will caucus with the Democrats.

by 1970cs 2006-10-17 08:51AM | 0 recs
Re: Lieberman Flip-Flops on Bolton

There has been little doubt in my mind that Lieberturncoat wiould be caucasing with the rethugs, this action further attests to that. The man has no principles, just his his own self interests. Not the definition of a "public servant".

by Predictor 2006-10-17 08:54AM | 0 recs
Republican Primary--good Schlesinger argument

Schlesinger: "Joe L. wants GOP votes now; why didn't he run in the Republican Primary?" He's a Democrat, always has been. He's just a loser Democrat. Look on your sample ballot. See who the real Republican."

Lamont: "Joe L. wants Democratic votes, but he lost the Democratic Primary. Now he's just a loser Democrat and a phony Democrat. Real Democrats don't support George Bush. Look on your sample ballot. See who the real Democrat is."

Both: Joe L. wants votes from Independents, but he's not Independent. He's not Republican. He's a loser Democrat. He's taken more special interest money than the other two candidates combined.

by stevehigh 2006-10-17 08:55AM | 0 recs
Is it a real flip flop?

I wonder if Lieberman voted against Bolton initially only to maintain a political facade of being a democrat. This is why I don't really take voting scorecards at face value.

Also Schumer has gone on record at some point this year and said he was considering voting for Bolton because he was good for Israeli interests even if he wasn't good at anything else. So does it really surprise us Lieberman is for Bolton now? Especially considering Lieberman is courting the right wing Jewish vote big time.

by Pravin 2006-10-17 09:12AM | 0 recs
Re: Lieberman Flip-Flops on Bolton

How much money has Schlesinger got?

by Mister Go 2006-10-17 09:20AM | 0 recs
Re: Lieberman Flip-Flops on Bolton


by 1970cs 2006-10-17 09:26AM | 0 recs
Re: Lieberman Flip-Flops on Bolton

Wait until he doubles down on his next blackjack play. He might double his wealth enough to give Lieberman a run for his money. Heh heh.

by Pravin 2006-10-17 09:47AM | 0 recs
Re: Lieberman Flip-Flops on Bolton

Perhaps Professor Schlesinger will be kind enough to  give Loserman and his minions a little history lesson during the next debate.

by dr bloor 2006-10-17 11:37AM | 0 recs


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