DeLay Resources and New DeLay Thread

The Daily DeLay blog is going to be one to bookmark over the next few days and weeks. (As I noted last week, this could also be an excellent example of how someone can benefit from a blogswarm because of good targeting).

Think Progress has an excellent list of talking points on Ronnie Earle.

EARLE HAS PROSECUTED FOUR TIMES AS MANY DEMOCRATS AS REPUBLICANS: "Over Earle's 27-year tenure, his Public Integrity Unit has prosecuted 15 elected officials, including 12 Democrats." [Los Angeles Times, 5/15/05]

EARLE PROSECUTED DEMOCRATS AT THE HIGHEST LEVELS OF STATE GOVERNMENT: "Some of the Democrats prosecuted by Earle and his Public Integrity Unit are former Texas House Speaker Gib Lewis, former Texas Attorney General Jim Mattox, former State Treasurer Warren Harding and former Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Yarbrough." [AP, 12/12/04]

EARLE AIDES WENT ON TO RUN FOR OFFICE AS REPUBLICANS:"Some of his top assistants have been with him for decades. A few have gone on to run for elected office as Republicans." [Los Angeles Times, 5/15/05]

There are more where that came from, so check it out. This page is so good, it should become the center of a progressive blogger Google bomb on behalf of Earle, espeically with the media already thoroughly complicit with the "partisan" Republican talking point..

Good wathcdog groups to keep up with include Common Cause, CREW, and the Campaign for America's Future. All have ben leaders on DeLay, and have extensive background on this indictment and DeLay's extensive ethical problems.

I would also strongly recommend this diary by Chris Bell, the former Representative who filed the first ethics complaint against DeLay before he was defeated by DeLay's ilegal map. Chris is running for Governor of Texas, so show him a little love.

I have to run right now, but this evening I will post the Republican talking points on Earle in the extended entry. In the comments, post other information you think is useful, as well as links to groups and blogs that will focus on DeLay.

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Another Talking Point
Ronnie Earle did not indict Delay.  A Texas Grand Jury did.  If this was soley a partisian attack, the grand jury would not have voted to indict.
by Winston Smith 2005-09-28 01:31PM | 0 recs
My favorite DeLay site is

She's located in Tx-22

by MaggieDavenport 2005-09-28 01:58PM | 0 recs
DeLay will be on FNC in moments.  He apparently showed up at the FNC bureau in DC minutes ago.
by Max Friedman 2005-09-28 02:49PM | 0 recs
The Tom Delay Scandal Center
The Tom Delay Scandal Center has a complete collection of the essential Delay articles, documents, timelines and other resources, including:

  • The Indictment Text (PDF)

  • Original 2003 complaint by Texans for Public Justice to DA Ronnie Earle

  • Links to resources from Public Citizen, Common Cause, ThinkProgress and other groups.

For the details, see:

"The Tom Delay Scandal Center."

by AvengingAngel 2005-09-29 11:31AM | 0 recs
The Delay -Jesus Connection
As Delay himself said in his own defense, "people hate the messenger. That's why they killed Christ."

The similarities between Tom and Jesus are striking...

by AvengingAngel 2005-09-29 11:32AM | 0 recs
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