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If you don't want to talk about Greens or polls, use this open thread to do so. Some suggestions for discussion:

  • Write a review of Fahrenheit 911
  • Write a eulogy for Jack Ryan's campaign
Enjoy your Friday.

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Portland Oregon: F9-11
Playing on 4 screens in large downtown house.  Totally sold out today (I Fandango'd earlier).

I went at 3:05PM Friday.  Huge crowd down the block.  Kerry volunteers registering voters.  I heard (via DailyKos) that Nader people were there for the noon show, and people were ripping up the Nader material after it was given to them.

It is an amazing documentary.  I won't give away anything, but will say that it makes a Bush/Bin-Ladin/Saudi Arabia connection very strongly.

Laughter, tears, applause, all the emotions.  My showing had a lot of over 40 people and less 20+.  Lots of 'teacher-talk' and hugging in the lines - which explains the older crowd.

There is some amazing research in this movie, particularly on Bush's pre-Presnit connections.

From the talk at DailyKos, the movie is selling out in very unlikely places: Mobile, NC, etc.

I'd suggest you take some friends who are leaning Kerry or starting to be Bush-disillusioned. It is very persuasive to all but the totally GOP committed, I'd guess.

by JimPortlandOR 2004-06-25 09:29PM | 0 recs
Re: Portland Oregon: F9-11
I'm looking forward to seeing it, might not be until I get to DC mid next week, but I enjoyed seeing the wingers froth about it while watching the tube on jet blue last night.
by Jerome Armstrong 2004-06-26 06:34AM | 0 recs
Raleigh, NC
Only a couple of empty seats at the 100 PM show, which on a work day here is FANTASTIC! Signs were already up in the ticket booth that the later shows were sold out. This is TRULY a tidal wave! Cant wait to see the final numbers...
by RNinNC 2004-06-26 12:30AM | 0 recs
Pet Peeve heard on radio re: F911
Saw Fahrenheit 9/11 last night.  Good movie, you should see it.  Not going to say more than that (god knows there are enough people talking about this one on both sides, no need for me to join the fracas).

What bugged me was on my drive home.  I was listening to Erin Hart on 710 KIRO, and she's taking calls about people's reaction to the movie.  She is an unabashed liberal.  One of two or three in talk radio in Seattle (I know!  How messed up is that?  The city has elected Jim "Congressman for Life" McDermott - one of the most outspoken liberals in congress, but can't support more than a couple liberals on radio?  Doesn't make any sense!).  Anyways, one of the callers starts out with this line "I don't agree with Mr. Moore's movie, but I'll fight to my death to defend it".  

First off, I used to be a producer/call-screener for a nationally syndicated radio talk show - the chances of me letting that cliche get on the air is very small (he'd pretty much have to be the only person calling in).  

Second, if you're calling a radio talk-show, and you disagree with the movie (he didn't say if he saw it or not - I'm guessing "not") then say why you disagree with it.  Don't pull out this tired, beaten cliche just because you know the host will have to agree with you.  It makes for bad radio, and poor debate.  Free speech is important, but that line really needs to go.  It's only used by conservatives to appease liberals, and comes across as terribly condescending.  They might as well say "You can say any dumbass thing you want, but I'm a big and better at fighting than you, so I'll protect your weak, liberal speech-spouting ass".


by willisreed 2004-06-26 09:38AM | 0 recs


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