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Around two weeks before I scored blogging gigs both here and at The Swing State Project, I registered the domain name in order to start up a blog of my own, The Empirical Left. However, I am quite busy with my writing these days, so instead some friends of mine have launched the blog on their own. One of the best articles on the new site engages in a little alternative history, concerning what would have happened if Carter had won the 1980 election. Here are some tidbits from that piece: In a parallel universe, we`re all up late tonight celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Israel-Palestine peace accord and scratching our heads to remember that B-list actor and McCarthy sympathizer from the 1950s who was briefly Governor of California...

You can read all about "supply-side economics" at the Larouche table outside the post office. No one else takes it seriously.

Saddam Hussein was killed by an Iranian missile strike in 1983. Not even the Soviets were interested in backing him up. Without a Great Satan knocking at their door, Iran is now a model of secular democracy wedded to Islamic cultural traditions, and is a prosperous and peaceful nation.

What else would have happened if Carter had won in 1980? I am going to a barbecue, so use this as an open thread as well.

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Vice President Selection
As Geo. W.'s prospects sink and Kerry's win becomes apparent, the "powers that be" will require that their man (or woman) be on the ticket.

Just like 1980, Reagan picked Bush the Elder because the PTB gave him no choice.

In 2004, Hillary Rodham Clinton will be the PTB's choice for the Democratic VP, even though no one is talking about her yet.

Bill Clinton's popularity can only help the Kerry/Clinton ticket.

By the way, I do support Hillary for President, whether it be 2004, 2008 or 2012

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Alternative History
Ok let's give it a try:

After a tremendously successful 2nd term, Carter's VP Mondale wins the Presidency in a landslide.  He presides over the inevitable collapse of the Soviet Union but loses his Presidency to George H.W. Bush when his aid programs to the former USSR come under great scrutiny as the economy here takes a downturn.

After Bush's tragic death in a sky diving accident, Quail assumes the White House.  Quail's chief of staff, Karl Rove, vehemently denies any wrong doing in the death of the the elder Bush, but manages to get Bush the younger appointed as VP - despite any lack of political experience.

Eventually, investigations conclude that Rove was the person who packed the parachute, and the Republican party collapses.

In the democratic race of 1988, a young Al Gore surges to a quick lead and takes the nomination after a huge victory in the NY primary.  he chooses the relatively unknown Governor of Arkansas as his running mate.

Fast forward to 2004:  At the end of the second term of Clinton's Presidency, the country is prosperous and at peace.  There are flashpoints of violence and famine across the globe, but the UN forces and humanitarian aid have kept things running smoothly.  Palestine is admitted to the UN and applies for NATO membership.  Kurdistan welcomes them to the new United States of the Middle East.

As the election approaches, an alliance between the fundamentalist Christians and radical Muslims threatens to disturb the peace, but most people feel confident that the new Democratic nominee ( a doctor from Vermont) will handle things well.  He accepts the nomination in NYC that year and has been seen dining at Windows on the World with his presumptive cabinet.

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