On the Republicans 40 yard line

From NJ's Hotline, the House field is expanding:The NRCC is running ads attacking Dem Charlie Broomfield in MO 06, and against Dem Doug Dodd in OK 01, who is up Rep. John Sullivan. Neither of these races were previously seen as particularly competitive. Though Broomfield was orginally touted by the DCCC, the Dems haven't put up ads. Rep. Mark Kennedy (R-MN 06), maybe spooked by Dem Patty Wetterling's fundraising prowess, is also engaging his opponent on the airwaves.  The DCCC had an ad surprise today: VA 02. The CD is heavily military, but Dem David Ashe is a vet and GOPer Thelma Drake tried to attack him as weak on the war on terror, which has raised the ire of local media. We won't say "upset" for any yet, but maybe there's something in the air.All four of those developments are on Republican-held seats; all offense for the Dems, all defense for the Repubs. I'll have a post up later today that looks at a slew of the races, in terms of the fundraising & cash numbers for the candidates in comparison.
Here's the rest on Ashe:VIRGINIA 02 Dems Hit The Beach

From a release, "The DCCC today began a television campaign" in VA 02 in support of David Ashe. "The ad focuses on Ashe's tremendous record of service as a Marine on active duty in Iraq and as a volunteer at Ground Zero in the aftermath of 9/11. It also contrasts Ashe's record with Republican Thelma Drake, who has been strongly admonished in the local media for questioning an Iraq War veteran's commitment to the war on terror." DCCC chair Robert Matsui: "David Ashe is a truly outstanding candidate who has proudly served his country. Thelma Drake's shameful attack on Ashe's war record has raised serious questions about her candidacy in this staunchly pro-military district. This is another example of Democrats expanding the playing field in our campaign to win the House majority. Ashe has a tremendous profile for this district and is well positioned to win this Republican open seat."

From the ad, ANNCR: :Who keeps America safe? Marines like David Ashe. Seven years active duty... Volunteered at Ground Zero. Service in Kuwait and Iraq. Yet, politician Thelma Drake questioned his commitment to the war on terror. The Virginian-Pilot called Drake's tactics 'A cheap shot at an Iraq veteran whose service deserves admiration, not denigration.' Send a Marine to Congress... David Ashe (DCCC release, 10/20).

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VA 02
   I was just down in Virginia's 2nd District.  Ashe looks very strong there.  Although he expected to lose to the Congressman (Kirkus), in typical Marine fashion he organized a good field operation.  
    Now that the district looks competitive, every GOP attack has fallen flat.  Next to calling a Marine a commie, calling him a terrorist is probably a strong second in stupid things to do.  In addition to being well spoken and well versed in national affairs, Ashe seems to be charmed (He saved someone's life at an event, and created immemse buzz for his campaign as a result)
    My impression is that attacking his service in Va Beach (about 70% miltary or retired military here) is not really selling well.  The danger is that in 1994, when Oliver North and Chuck Robb squared off in a Senate race, North won two places, Danville and Virginia Beach.
    If you are in Virginia, help this guy.
by kmwray 2004-10-20 12:10PM | 0 recs
Re: VA 02
Yeah, but in that race North was the Marine.
by Alex 2004-10-20 07:09PM | 0 recs
Re: VA 02
In 1994, both Robb and North were former Marines.  

DRake's biggest problem is she is just spewing out RCCC blather rather than find a wedge issue to push Ashe out of the mainstream on....and she should have tried to find an angle to work with.  I tyhink Ashe has great traction and even if VA Beach goes for Bush (they will) he will get a lot of splits (he's going to need 20 to 25% to win).  Thaty means GOTV, if you're in the 2nd District help this guy

by kmwray 2004-10-21 04:42AM | 0 recs
I'm not in Virginia
But I used to live there.  I've sent Ashe's campaign some turkee.  Definitely don't want to lose this one without a fight.
by RT 2004-10-20 01:20PM | 0 recs
Make them sweat!
I love the thought of a lot of Repubs doing some unexpected sweating over their races.

I really love the thought of Repubs pinned down in their own districts and unable to help out elsewhere.

A President Kerry needs some backup. I'm not ready to dare dream of winning back the House, but it would be nice to have enough of a shift to give the Dems some claim to a mandate.

I can't help fantasizing about some REAL congressional investigations with Dems chairing the committees.

by Ottnott 2004-10-20 01:47PM | 0 recs
saw anti-Sullivan RNCC ads today (CT-2)
(pro-Rob Simmons but didn't really talk about Simmons at all).
by DemFromCT 2004-10-20 04:06PM | 0 recs
MO and OK
I wonder if these have more to do with wanting to turn out Republicans for MO's governor race and OK's Senate and state legislature races than with the incumbents themselves.

Are the attack ads against Wetterling having an effect? I'm really not that confident in her campaign, but I was hoping she could score an upset.

by James 2004-10-20 04:46PM | 0 recs


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