Here's a spread for delegates. Projected (and actual) on the night:

Drumpf- 74 (53)
Rubio- 40 (41)
Cruz- 36 (69)
Kasich- 21 (9)
Uncommitted- 5 (6)

Trump really underperformed against the polls, Rubio did alright, as long as he wins in PR (which I've assumed he sweeps by getting about 50%). I didn't take note that ME was a caucus, not a primary, duh, so whiffed on that Kasich call there... Cruz came close to sweeping the night!

Cruz lost to Trump by 4% in both KY and LA, and won in KS by 25% and in ME by 15%. What's up, the polls showed Trump winning all the states by double-digits? Strategic voting. Republicans as a majority are against Trump, and are uniting against whomever is in second place. That bodes well for Kasich in Michigan, where a new poll shows him now leading Trump.

Clinton has to be very happy. I know Sanders won KS and NE, great. But that is over.